Little Heroes don't give a F**k

Nathalie Stroobant

2019 - Ongoing

Being 11, 12 years old means balancing between childhood and adulthood. As a parent we become afraid for all potential risks and dangers this transition entails. We would rather overprotect our children than giving them the opportunity to learn how to judge the truly dangerous from the simply unfamiliar.

Arno might develop tinnitus when attending musicfestivals.

Bas represents the fear for heavy traffic with too many car accidents.

Fleur represents the fear that she has to grow up in a world with a plastic soup-ocean.

Jolan represents the fear of environmental pollution.

Luna represents the danger of becoming an addict.

Mayako represents the danger of daily-used utensils.

Mirre, an adventure-seeking girl, might fall out of a tree.

Thor represents the fear that everyday he might get hurt when he goes with his bike to the school.

Timpe represents the theme of being a vegetarian or not.

Wolf represents the fear for the confrontation with weapons and criminal behaviour.

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