In My Room

Nina Schollaardt

2021 - Ongoing


In My Room

Nationwide school closures discouraged contact with friends: the pandemic has hit the youth as much as any other generation. Yet we collectively fail to recognise the non-physical toll it takes on the youth that is growing up in unforeseeable times.

In My Room (2021) are portraits of various Dutch girls and boys in their mid-teens. The subjects allow us into their private rooms and offer us a brief but powerful glimpse into the space they have been confined to during this essential phase of their social and personal development.

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  • Jetta, 16 years old, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Amir, 15 years old, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands

  • Inanna, 15 years old, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

  • Ayah, 15 years old, Almere, The Netherlands

  • Bent, 18 years old, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Lilia, 15 years old, Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands

  • Mizki, 15 years old, Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Glen, 16 years old, Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands