Nicolò Panzeri & Mattia Micheli

2018 - Ongoing

Italy; Switzerland; Austria; Slovenia; France

The Alps have always represented a natural border, an apparently harsh and extreme environment even for the most toughest natives.

Emblem and symbol of the wild and pure nature, this vast territory has been always spared by the typical mechanisms of the Capitalist Realism.

If in the past the strong natural conditions and the hostile alpine winters forced mankind to be inactive, now winter on the Alps is the most profitable season of all.

Due to the solidification of the alpine capitalism, marked by a frantic globalization and a beyond compare mass tourism, we've been spectators to the democratization of the mountain and of its commodification and trivialization.

Over the years the distance between the city and the mountain has intensely decreased, making the latter more accesible and habitable, charming and hospitable.

The sparkling aestheticization of the alpine cultural identity and its non-stop advertising, mockingly led to its total annihilation.

The desire to lower glaciers at tourists' height, helped by the actual climate change, has outlined the new look of the anthropized Alps.

YES TO ALL is a four-handed observation made with Mattia Micheli of this deceptive scenario where pieces of cities, cars, engines, concrete, cables, graceful ladies, bizarre fashions and innovations are melting with the traditional alpine leftovers:the new inclusive mountain seduced by the temptations of urban society.

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  • Ski hills across the
    border between
    Lombardia and Trentino
    Alto Adige, one of
    the most intensive ski
    plant in Europe.
    Passo del Tonale,
    Italy, 2020.

  • Inside Aquariaz, a tropical waterpark at 1800m, surrounded by ski slopes. Avoriaz, France, 2018.

  • A tourist from South Korea visiting the hut on the top of Mount Pilatus, a massif overlooking Lucerne
    in central Switzerland. The top can be reached with the Pilatus Railway the world’s steepest coghweel
    railway, from Alpnachstad. Pilatus Mount, Switzerland, 2019.

  • Beer pools inside Starkenberger Castle that today hosts a brewery. Tarrenz, Austria, 2020.

  • Courchevel, the highest airport in Europe, 2008 m. Courchevel, Switzerland, 2018.

  • A view of the touristic
    resort complex of
    Avoriaz, a no-car city
    thought for skiers
    built in the 60’s, born
    from the project of
    Jean Vuarnet,
    a famous French
    alpine skier. Avoriaz,
    France, 2019.

  • Garbage left along the ski slope by the audience of Hahnenkamm race. Kitzbuhel, Austria, 2020.

  • Aiguille du Midi Hut at 3,842m a peak part of the Mont Blanc Massif, within the French Alps.
    It is a popular tourist destination and can be directly reached by cable car from Chamonix that takes visitors
    close to Mont Blanc. Aiguille du Midi, France, 2018.

  • Landscape of the forest of Borca di Cadore, Trentino Alto Adige. The outcome of the “Vaia storm”,
    probably the worst ever happened in Italy. According to estimates, around 14 millions of trees have been
    shot down by the storm. Borca di Cadore, Italy, 2019.

  • People in front of the biggest crystal aggregate ever found in the Alps region. Sasso San Gottardo, Italy, 2019.

  • Detail of a car hit by the landslide that devastated the village of Casargo. Casargo, Italy, 2019.

  • Arrival of Hahnenkamm race (giant slalom). Hahnenkamm race is the world most famous skiing
    competition and attracts every year thousands people. Kitzbuhel, Austria, 2020.

  • Steinbock on the wall
    of Cingino dam.
    The steinbocks of that
    area developed this
    unique behaviour:
    they climb the dam
    to lick the mineral
    salts from its surface.
    Antrona Valley, Italy,

  • Some tarps laid down to protect the ice of Mer de Glace glacier, severely affected by climate change.
    Montenvers, France, 2018.

  • In a tunnel digged inside the glacier Mer de Glace, the second longest in the Alps and
    severely affected by climate change. Montenvers, France, 2018.

  • The hut on the top of
    Mount Pilatus can
    be reached with the
    Pilatus Railway the
    world’s steepest
    coghweel railway,
    from Alpnachstad.
    It contains a bar, an
    hotel and a shopping
    center. Pilatus Mount,
    Switzerland, 2019.

  • The Bergisel ski jump tower. Innsbruck, Austria, 2020.

  • Alpine landscape painted on a wall inside Starkenberger Brewery. Tarrenz, Austria, 2020.