Noela Roibas

It's hot and the bedroom window is open. The sound of gulls nesting on the roof reminds me that I'm home. Childhood memories pop into my head, when we played at she being my model and I her photographer.

Years later I watch her again and the glass of the lens filters reality.

As she looks at me closely, the light, playful, draws planets on her face.

I touch her nose with my index finger slowly, intermittently. In this way I hypnotise her and she lets me.

I cannot help but wonder what the world she lives in is like and whether she's also scared.

This work, which tells a story about my relationship with my sister Sara, who has Cri du Chat started as a game when we were children in which I photographed her in order to be able to approach her. Years later, I needed to return home to apologise and using the camera again has been my way back into her life and to finally accept the situation.

I wanted to show her world, so far from ours, and to acknowledge a painful but exciting journey to what someday will be my future.

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