Sometimes I want to be a Mermaid

Noa Sheizaf

2018 - Ongoing

In my dreams I’m a mermaid. Goddess, ageless, a sensual mythological creature, moving between the water world and land, I’m breathing inside the water that engulf me, not fearing drowning.

Sometimes when you go through tough times, you don’t stop to think how hard and bad, you just get through it. Only in retrospect, when a turning point signifies that it has passed and you can stop and look back, can you understand what happened. What I went through and what toll it took.

Nine years ago, I became ill with severe skin disease that did not endanger my life but brought a lot of ambivalence in it and turned it upside down. This body of work was born out of the physical and conscious change I went through due to that condition.

It emerges at the end of a very difficult and complex period in my life, at a point in time that allows reflecting back.

In this project I put myself under my camera inquisitive gaze, documenting and revealing, through it gathering raw materials, building a world of images that creates a dialogue with the vulnerability of the skin and the ambivalence in my life, my fears and my fantasies. Inspirited by Amphibians or creatures living in two worlds especially sea and lend; Working in layers & referring to art history together with dissembling the photographic image, reassembling it, and at times covering it in preservers materials, creates in the works a conversation about time, processes in time, sensuality and beauty.

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