All the Orchids are Fine

Nadiya Nacorda

2015 - Ongoing

Detroit, Michigan, United States

All the Orchids are fine is an ongoing photo based project that addresses identity, affection, motherhood and matriarchy in the context of a mixed immigrant American family life. With this work, I investigate and negotiate my own place as a Blasian woman and new mother within a complex family heritage and maternal legacy, one full of complexity and layers that are not typically attributed to the immigrant narrative. Self portraits, photos of family, and still life imagery visualize the multilayered mix of relationships with the women in my family. Working with a body of images that spans 80 years and 3 continents, I explore the connections between three generations of women: my grandmothers’, my mother’s, and my own. These images draw out and delineate the cultural, religious and political nuances that run through my entire family and are ever present within our lives.

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