Natalia Kepesz

2019 - Ongoing

The starting point of my own search for an answer to the question of origin and its meaning is my place of birth - Goldberg. Goldberg in Lower Silesia has only been within the borders of Poland for half a century. By photographing there, I transform my own childhood memories. Growing up was always accompanied by the urge to discover something else in my own family history .Whether the "gold train" was under the castle or the gold shimmered on the riverbed - it seemed as if a secret was hidden everywhere. Even today, captivated by the landscape, fairy tales and legends, the Goldbergers are still trying to find a treasure. The search for the hidden, the mysterious is for me the metaphor of the elementary of every human being - the question of their own origin. In the vein of the portraits and landscapes, especially their color symbolism, unfolds the search for the hidden, the mysterious, the "treasure”.

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