Breastfeeding in Public - Wherever, Whenever!

Nitin Sachania

2018 - Ongoing

I started this project to help my wife overcome her anxiety of breastfeeding our daughter in public places. During my research, I came to find that many other mothers felt the same way as there is still a bit of a public backlash for mother openly (without a breastfeeding cover) feeding their child in public.

I also found that the UK was at an all time low for women breastfeeding and opting for the formula milk.

As not just a photographer, but also a father, I wanted to try and get a message across and to make people see there should not be an issue for a mother to feed her child wherever, whenever the child is hungry and doing so is such a natural thing. Women around the world have been doing it for many many years and it should not be sexualised and seen in a derogatory manner.

My target for this project was pushing towards women of ethnicity as they are then ones who tend not to feed publicly and/or openly. I managed to capture women of different backgrounds and so many mothers were happy to take part and share their breastfeeding journey, to show the ups and downs they have been through to make sure their child gets the most health benefits from the start of their life.

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