Not Forgotten: An Arkansas Family Album

Nina Robinson

2014 - 2018

Arkansas, United States

I used to visit my family in Arkansas as a kid. Spent 15 years away from the South before returning and capturing some of the most intimate and personal moments of my family. Only a few days after returning, my maternal grandmother, the matriarch of our family, passed. A trip meant to be a week or two lasted 3 months.

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  • Grandma, in excruciating pain and barely able to breathe, asks to hold my hand and that I pray over her. This is the second night after my arrival. My grandma passed away a week later. Saying a prayer over a religious elder is a special occasion. I'm not very religious, yet my Grandma trusted me. It is a moment I will always remember. Dalark, Arkansas.

  • Raindrops on the windshield, driving into Dalark, Arkansas.

  • Grandma's chair sits in the corner of her bedroom, pillow still mushed down from the weight of her body. Her favorite armchair, articles of clothing, special scents, all become triggers for remembering moments with her.

  • Chubby, the family dog, rests on the back porch of Grandma's home. Dalark, Arkansas.