Nikki Greene

2014 - Ongoing

HUNGER is about movement, violence, bliss and the will to thrive in a world that doesn't always allow space for you. Stemming from my time spent in San Francisco and New York (with some pit-stops between), HUNGER is a personal account of restlessness, love and endurance, set in windowless apartments, on dark streets and in cheap bars during a time when no promises are held true, virtual existence begins to replace real experience, and the word might end at any moment.

Rather than makes sense of things, this work is a response to the complexities surrounding life, concentrating on the uniquely human elements that connect us all. I look for the quiet details that bind us: a moment of aloneness, an animated gesture, a familiar look in a stranger’s eyes. There is a common motif for the mood in which this compilation reflects; the vitality of the human experience and the pure expression of one's true self despite the oppression of social and moral constraints.

My primary concentration is in traditional photography practices using 35mm, 120mm and instant film cameras. I make documentary and conceptual photo-based work that often reads as playful - highlighting the eccentricities in otherwise commonplace environments. As a whole, it is subtly political and reveals a critical, yet empathetic perspective on modern society and our role as participants in it. The work relies heavily on environment, atmosphere and of course, human presence. Overall, I am drawn to images that suggest vulnerability, perseverance and individuality and other aspects that allow us the opportunity to relate to one another.

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  • Alex in the first river we found Upstate on a 100 degree day

  • Pinky at the roller rink

  • Towels wave at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn

  • Mary alone on the dancefloor with balloon

  • The Metropolitan on a Tuesday night

  • Nora at Jimbos in Astoria at 5AM

  • William watches races at the Petaluma County Fair

  • The car that never moved from our Oakland driveway

  • Oakland warehouse at night

  • Meanwhile in the Mission cops are teargassing people

  • My first time shooting in at SF Arms

  • Matt's new toy

  • Last days in Manhattan

  • Storm watching in New Mexico

  • Will watches reruns of Cops in Reno on my birthday

  • Kid reaches out to Niagara Falls

  • Hands

  • The Wall of Shits in San Francisco

  • Spookarama is the only ride I went on in Coney Island

  • Dev shakes a leg in SF