nicolas silberfaden

2012 - 2015

California, United States

The images revolve around the tension between the idea of longing and belonging somewhere; far into the topography of longing.

This work is about the fabric of what constitutes a place, where spaces, objects and random encounters await to be appropriated with meaning, with a significance that will enable us to find among fragmented territories, a place to call our own.

738 deals not only with the occupation of space but with the space itself, and the idea that it is possible to allude to a deeper social meaning by describing the surface of things.

Los Angeles gave me the sense of a city of ultimate futility, carrying with it the eerie possibility that it might vanish as quickly as it appeared. While photographing I would walk, in solitude, the same streets over and over again, revealing little by little its beauty deep below the gritty and rugged surface of its streets.

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