Nicolás Sáez

2012 - 2013


a poetic/political image

Beyond its scientific significance, we face a metaphorical image: a visual space that acts through our subconscious. What is inside the screen cannot be visualized as a representation of reality, because it is hindered by interference, it is problematized by its’ reception, while it hence hypnotizes us. The images exhibited here allow the silenced voices to be addressed; through that noise orchestrated in constant densities, the photographs make themselves “heard”. They reveal the importance of the issue that is our blindness to the influence of the media, while they establish themselves as a political body, introducing and modifying that that is public through individual space. If cultural domain is produced through the imagery of the other which observes us and tells us, creates and destroys, the screen – as a world-containing space - has transformed us to automatons, making us believe that what is transmitted is our only possibility of existence. What is important is to manage unhiding, through the construction of images, interpretations, ideology circulation systems, through utilization of visuality, instead of oversizing the screen’s tyranny, through the morbidity in emotions of representativeness in mediated hiperreality. Public and private spaces no longer possess frontiers; they share a universal dispositive capable of spawning presence and company, as an object that triggers our submission, be it at the living of a home, at the waiting room, at the gymnasium, at the local corner shop, the public transport...

White noise is not a failure, but rather, an opportunity to reflect on human behavior and future.

Andrea Jösch / Coeditora / Santiago de Chile, enero 2012

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