Look out

Nicolas Hermann

2021 - Ongoing

Athens, Attica, Greece

In 2021, I had the opportunity during my confinement in Greece, to collaborate with the French Institute in Athens. Its director, gave me carte blanche to photograph the city during the curfew. I was able to wander the empty streets of the capital without any human presence.

“Look out” is therefore a series on Athens at night, marked by abandonment. The discrepancy caused by this absence was as fascinating as it was frightening. I wanted to start working with this feeling and sharing it through my photographs. I saw there a chance for action and unveiling in the stasis caused by confinement, and I quickly understood that photography could serve as a vehicle for a kind of invocation. The ghosts of the past of this ancient capital seemed to mingle with those of this deserted city... Was there a passage from one world to another, a distortion of time ? From photo to photo, I gradually entered a phantasmagorical world, in this night shrouded in silence, empty of any living soul, making the slightest object and the slightest trace of life like an initiatory journey for my gaze: The statues transforming into totems, cats becoming guardians of the underworld, of hell. Between wandering and investigating the scene of a drama, I was a kind of Weegee who overplays time, photographing the “passage” of a drama.

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