Hui Hsien Ng

2018 - Ongoing

United Kingdom

Myth is a series of unique photographic prints, made using found organic matter and improvisational darkroom techniques. It explores interconnectivity, and is a meditation on the mysterious processes and phenomena that have formed the foundations of life and the very fabric of our existence. In a way, it is also a personal search for a sense of belonging.

At the heart of my practice is an attempt to establish resonance between external and internal worlds. My recent experience of living in a new, unfamiliar country led to a fascination with the shifts this place undergoes as seasons change, prompting me to collect organic matter during my walks in parks, woods and nature reserves. Curious about their characteristics and reflecting on the cycle and origins of life, I brought them into the darkroom in order to construct an imaginary world.

Alone in the dark, making these works which allude to cosmological events and geological forces that are greater than our individual lives, it can sometimes feel as if the self is going through an annihilation of sorts. Concepts attached to my own identity are stripped away, along with their corresponding obligations. However, as the self undergoes such a dissolution, it can also oddly feel like coming home.

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