Six Months

Nathalie Ghanem-Latour

2015 - 2016

Paris, Île-de-France, France

“According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people around the world have depression. Like many of those people, I felt hopeless, and had no sense of joy; I had a total depletion of confidence and a generally bleak outlook on life. This series became my purpose and dedication to not only get better but to reconnect with my passion once again.”

Mental illness is an invisible disability. Just because someone is physically able to go through the daily quotidien doesn’t mean they are not going through pain and trauma. This series is a photo journal of the first six months of the artist’s mental health journey during 2015- 2016. This series represents the artist’s internal struggle with perfection, fragility, and transparency. The artist used photography as a method of self-reflection to acknowledge the imperfections in her surroundings and in herself. Nathalie Ghanem-Latour wanted to create this series to destigmatize the topic of mental health, and hopefully encourage others to seek help.

Included in the series, which has recently been published into a monograph, are photographs, anxiety-induced drawings, scans of the artist’s personal journal at the time, and short, self-soothing notes.

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