Only at the coloured reflection do we have life

Nikolai Frerichs

2019 - Ongoing

The photographic work „ Only at the coloured reflection do we have life“ deals with the relationship between mankind and nature and examines the aesthetic and content-related forms it can take on when nature is created or represented by humankind. „ Only at the coloured reflection do we have life“ is a quote from Goethe’s Faust II.

A reflection is something in which something else of the same nature can still be felt. Another word is echo. The diversity of life and nature is only preserved in the illusory formations and imagination of life.

The Photographic work shows, that there is hardly any area of ​​life that is not surrounded by nature, artificially or originally. I searched for those places in science , parks, zoos, while traveling, and in the everyday life. The result is a photographic mix of the Genres Landscape, Documentary and Still life.

The relationship between humanity and nature has changed from survival to a consumer object for experiences and often lets nature degenerate into mere decoration. Nature, originality and landscape have a positive meaning for human kind, otherwise all these efforts of imitation wouldn’t exist. Mankind is part of nature and not superior to it and only when we understand this, there will be a change in thinking.

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  • shooting ground

  • still life with so called

  • plastic ice in a zoo

  • scene from a bird park

  • still-life with plastic leafs

  • photographic landscape mounted on a wall

  • scene from a bird park

  • concrete stones found on a beach in Dubai

  • Research center

  • big artificial grass field

  • research center

  • scene from a zoo

  • scene from a bird park

  • scene from a bird park

  • scene from a elephant

  • Research center

  • bridge pillars dressed as trees

  • the biggest artificial sun in the world inside of a solar research center