Why Enrol In The PhMuseum Online Masterclasses Program

CRITICAE, CURAE, FOLIO and MEDIAE are held by internationally recognised experts, and facilitate the exchange between a community of students worldwide. Apply before 23 May to access the early bird fee and be considered for the full scholarships.

The PhMuseum Online Masterclasses aim to help participants advance their expertise and establish a solid, long-lasting creative practice. Each course is designed for contemporary photographers, artists, curators, and storytellers who wish to refine specific aspects of their visual language, and make their work grow in an inspiring, stimulating context. The program further offers one full scholarship for each course, providing a participant with the opportunity to attend for free.

Here you'll find some reasons why you might consider applying.

1. Access To Expertise

Through these masterclasses, participants have the chance to learn directly from renowned photographers, editors, and curators such as Laura El-Tantawy and Elisa Medde for CRITICAE, Lewis Chaplin (Loose Joints) for FOLIO, Salvatore Vitale for MEDIAE and Erik Kessels for CURAE, who will bring a wealth of experience and insights to the table. From mastering technical skills to understanding conceptual frameworks, the guidance provided by them can be transformative for emerging photographers. In the past editions, head professors included Max Pinckers, Tommaso Parrillo (Witty Books), and Niccolò Fano, while we welcomed experts like Lars Willumeit, Mathieu Asselin, Bindi Vora, Jon Uriarte, Silvia Rosi, Sayuri Ichida, Anne van der Zwaag, Sybren Kuiper, Amak Mahmoodian, Claudia Kussel, Barbara Hofmann-Johnson, Melissa Catanese, Domenico Quaranta, Lea Vene, and Federico Clavarino for studio visits.

2. Improve Your Practice In Different Fields

The field of photography is vast and multifaceted, encompassing various genres, media, and approaches. Our Masterclasses Program caters to this diversity by offering a range of courses covering different areas and practices, from research and critical thinking to photobook-making and exhibition design. While CRITICAE explores the relationship between personal and critical methods within documentary photography, CURAE delves into the process and strategies of curating photography exhibitions. Through FOLIO, participants will get the chance to conclude a body of work and have it ready for publishing in the form of a book dummy, while MEDIAE will guide participants to develop a transmedia project spanning diverse techniques and languages such as sound, archival images, video, social media platforms, and text. A complementary, rich list of Studio Visits is shared by all the masterclasses, aiming for the different departments to cross paths several times a month. Bringing together experts invited by CRITICAE, CURAE, FOLIO and MEDIAE, the Studio Visits broaden the scope of each course and are an interesting source for contamination and further growth.

3. Build Your Network

The PhMuseum Online Masterclasses facilitate connections and collaborations within a thriving global community of artists. With no geographical barriers, participants have the chance to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful relationships that extend beyond the duration of the masterclasses. The learning experience isn't limited to what tutors can give: students and alumni have often been organizing meetings outside of the masterclasses' schedule, establishing long-lasting networks of support. This is not only an opportunity to build a safe and inspiring space for creation, but also opens doors to future opportunities. Many alumni started new collaborations during and after the program, such as Marisol Mendez and Monty Kaplan, FOLIO alumni, who blended their distinct styles for a work commissioned by WaterAid and the British Journal of Photography as part of the WaterAid Climate Commission. Additionally, our annual PhMuseum Days provide a gathering space for alumni to connect in person with their colleagues and other artists.

4. Participate From Where You Are

The PhMuseum Online Masterclasses Scholarship aims to remove barriers to learning and to provide a flexible platform for talent to flourish. Through its online format, the program enables peers and professionals from around the world to participate without the constraints of travel or residency requirements, thereby broadening access to photography education. The masterclasses schedule makes it possible to attend even while being enrolled in other courses or University studies, or engaged in working activities, while setting an online space where you can make room to focus on your projects.

5. Start Creating Your Audience

As you develop your practice, we will guide you in sharing your progress with an online audience. Lately, when the program ends, you will present your work live on Youtube reaching to a wide, global audience. According to the program, you can benefit from exhibition and publication opportunities, which can possibly lead to new connections. After completing our programs, alumni had the chance to exhibit the work developed during the masterclasses in various locations and international festivals, to publish their projects with publishing houses like Witty Books, Setanta Books, Disko Bay, or to be shortlisted for prizes like the Dummy Awards.

You can find year-end public presentations from previous years at this link, and be updated on the 2023/24 upcoming live streams through our newsletter.



CRITICAE - on Documentary Photography
CURAE - on Curatorial Practice
FOLIO - on Photobook Making
MEDIAE - on Transmedia Storytelling

Programs Start: October 2024
Programs End: May 2025
Dedication: 50+ Hours
Language: English
Where: Online



Before 23 May - If you apply by this date you can be eligible for the full scholarship. We can allocate 1 scholarship for each masterclass. We can also write a supporting letter when you try to secure any external funding opportunities.

Before 23 May - If you apply by this date you will automatically access the Early Bird Fee of €1,750.

Before 20 June - If you apply by this date you can join the programs by paying the Regular Fee of €2,000. The seats are limited, so we recommend you avoid waiting until the last day.

Learn more and apply for free here.