What Judges Look for in the Submissions

As the PHM 2017 Women Photographers Grant deadline approaches, Donna Ferrato, Alessia Glaviano, Rebecca McClelland, and Daniella Zalcman tell us what will be relevant for them when they come to review the submissions.

© Sandra Mehl, from the series, Ilona and Maddelena, winner of the PHM 2017 Grant Cortona OTM prize

Since the launch of the first PHmuseum Grant back in 2013, we have decided to leave the challenging task of reviewing submissions to an independent and diversified panel of industry experts. Before presenting your project(s), it's always very important to know about them, their professional experience, and their thoughts. Each judge might indeed give more weight to certain aspects.

When asked about what she is expecting from the submissions, Vogue Italia Senior Photo Editor, Alessia Glaviano says: "I am hoping to see works where ethics and aesthetics, both equally important, complement each other and where the author shows not only to have a unique point of view but also an open mind able to tell a story outside stereotypes and clichés”. Photographer and founder of womenphotograph.com, Daniella Zalcman adds: "I am looking for images and projects that challenge the status quo. I want to be forced to think and see differently, and to question the conventions of visual storytelling.”

© Kaja Rata, from the series, Kajnikaj, winner of a PHM 2017 Grant Honourable Mention

Fellow judge and internationally recognised photographer Donna Ferrato, who has covered a diverse range of themes during her career - from domestic violence to swingers clubs - told us: "For me there is nothing more powerful than a story that captures real people's stories and real emotion. I'm hoping that photographers applying to this grant will show us what is the essence of being a woman today in an anti-female social landscape; show us what women feel is worth living and dying for."

"I'm looking forward to engaging with a broad range of work" - says Director of Photography, Art Buyer and Curator of the Ian Parry Scholarship Rebecca McClelland - "but I'm specifically interested in image-making that demonstrates a strong narrative, is politically charged and that challenges the viewer with an original, creative thought process".

Bear in mind these concepts and learn more about the PHM 2017 Women Photographers Grant panel of judges at phmuseum.com/grant. Details are often decisive at the moment of selecting and preparing the project(s) you'll be submitting.

© Sofia Ayarzagoitia, from the series, Every Night Temo Ser La Dinner, winner of a PHM 2017 Grant Honourable Mention

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