29 November 2021

The Endless Cycle of Business Trips

29 November 2021 - Written by PhMuseum

Through the use of mysterious and abstract imagery, Spanish photographer Enrique Fraga opens up questions regarding the dehumanization and sense of isolation that is caused by constant traveling.

Enrique Fraga, Vice President of an aerospace multinational company, belongs to that club and is one of those passengers who orbit the Earth, occasionally docking at nondescript spaces.

The photographs that give shape to this project, which is also a book published by Dalpine, recreate the atmosphere of shadows and flashes of colour that illuminate his journey. Through them, Fraga is able to reflect on his way of life and express that sense of detachment and that feeling of always being in the same place regardless of the distance, of living in an endless cycle that invariably ends at the starting point.

Words and Pictures by Enrique Fraga.


Enrique Fraga studied mathematics and has spent most of his life working for IT companies. In 2009, he resumed his photography studies and rounded off his education at Blank Paper school, where Óscar Monzón and Fosi Vegue, among many others, influenced his view of the world. At present, he is devoted to his work process and discovering how to articulate his experiences through photography. Find him on PhMuseum and Instagram.


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