39 Portraits of the Sun

By looking at the sun, Danish visual artist Bastian Birk Thuesen takes us around the globe. Helped by friends and strangers reached online, he has collected images of our Star taken from almost all the 39 time zones on Earth.

39 Noons is the result of an effort to photograph the sun as the earth moves around it during one day. This day was the 26 February, 2017 at noon in all the 39 time zones that are spread around the Earth. The project consists of 39 A4 images of the sun. Not all time zones were possible to reach due to political reasons or lack of population. The “missing” suns have been replaced by correspondence to these places. This project is made possible by friends and friends of friends, and total strangers found online.

Words and Pictures by Bastian Birk Thuesen.


Bastian Birk Thuesen is a Danish artist based between Copenhagen and Glasgow, where he graduated in Fine Art Photography from The Glasgow School of Art (2017). He has a strong interest in science and its approach to information and experimentation, and he believes in art as an important communicative role in society. Follow Bastian on PHmuseum and Instagram.


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