07 May 2019

The PHmuseum 2019 Mobile Photography Prize is Open for Submissions

07 May 2019 - Written by Simon Hall

The PHmuseum 2019 Mobile Photography Prize is open for submissions, offering £8,000 in cash prizes and space in a limited-edition photobook aimed at analysing the mobile phenomenon. Learn more and apply at

© MitikaFe

How much has the practice and art of documenting both ourselves and our surroundings changed since the moment we were all afforded the opportunity to take photographs with a mobile phone? Acknowledging the historical and cultural importance of the phenomenon, PHmuseum is launching a prize dedicated exclusively to mobile photography. The call is open to photographers of all levels and nationalities and represents the beginning of a research process that will continue on an annual basis through 2024.

All entries in this first edition will be reviewed by an international judging panel comprised of Caroline Hunter (Picture Editor, The Guardian Weekend Magazine), Marcelo Brodsky (Visual Artist), Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Photo Editor, Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue), and Erik Kessels (Artist and Curator). Applicants are invited to submit images into five categories, namely (Self) Portrait, #Love, Wanderlust, Fashion, and Documentary, with a 1st Prize of £1,000, a 2nd Prize of £250, and a 3rd Prize of £150 to be awarded in each. A £1,000 Mobile Photo of the Year Prize will further be granted to one image that in the eyes of the jury summarises the current trends and issues.

© Hiro Tanaka

In addition to these monetary awards, the PHmuseum curatorial team will also select around 200 images that will be published in a limited-edition photo book to be distributed across book stores, museums, and art fairs around the world. Placing on paper what is born in a digital way will be indeed a provocation to nourish the reflection on the whole phenomenon of mobile photography and its historical importance. The publication will be the first volume in a series that will be released on a yearly basis.

Among the other prizes on offer, Rosa Roth (Founder and Editor of The Smart View) will select five images from any category to be published in the fourth Issue of TSV_Zine, a new printed photo zine which will be released in September 2019, and the GUP Magazine editorial team will choose three photographers from all the submissions to be awarded an online portfolio feature plus a yearly subscription to their printed magazine.

© Achilleas Tilegrafos

You can submit between one and 10 single images taken from a mobile device (smartphones, tablets, etc...), uploading photos both from desktop and phone, even browsing your mobile and Instagram libraries. Up until the Early Bird deadline (23 May), entries are free for one image, £10 for between two and five images, and £15 for between six and 10 images. Fees will change once the Early Bird deadline has passed.

This call aims to reach not only professional photographers but also a wider audience. The contribution of non-photographers will be fundamental to analyse the phenomenon and understand its dynamics. So browse the archive of your mobile library and contribute to our initiative with your most impressive, iconic or simply lucky shots!


The final deadline is set for 13 June. To learn more and apply, visit


All applicants will be afforded a 20% discount on all bookings on our education program.


For any questions relating to the submission process please write to us at, while for any technical inquiries you can drop us a line at

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