01 June 2020

The Generation In-Between

01 June 2020 - Written by PhMuseum

In a multi-faceted collaboration project Huw Alden Davies deploys his documentary strategies to propose a new panorama of what it means to be Welsh born into the Xennials generation.

Exploring 'new' territories, studying the concept of a micro-generation described as Xennials, while exploring ideas of nationhood, nostalgia and re-appropriation, my new series examines an uncharted generation that bridges the gap between two eras described as Generation X and Millennials, while broadening the perspective of Welsh culture through the device of photography and lens-based media.

Set in the peripheral of a small ex-mining village in the Gwendraeth Valley, this is a multi-faceted collaboration project using a variety of media outlets - Social media, Blogs, Live Streams, Exhibitions - in an attempt to create a new perspective of Welsh-ness at the dawn of a Metamodernist era. While providing a rare and detailed insight into one of Wales lesser explored and culturally rich communities. Celebrating the wonder of childhood, friendship, and all things welsh, this project tells the tale of an 80s generation that saw the best of both worlds, old and new, while expanding the visual identity of Wales beyond its stereotypical archetypes.

Words and Pictures by Huw Alden Davies.


Huw Alden Davies is an artist and photographer which explores the lines of visual and written narratives, studying concepts such as the sense of place and cultural identity. Find him on PHmuseum and Instagram.


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