09 April 2020

Support Independent Photobook Publishers and Shops

09 April 2020 - Written by Giuseppe Oliverio

With many photography festivals, fairs, and events cancelled we invite you to purchase a photobook before 30 April to support publishers, shops, and photographers.

A preview of the photobooks currently available at

The last decade has seen a real thunderstorm of independent photobooks shaking the publishing world and marking the beginning of a true cultural revolution. Photographers either on their own or with the support of independent publishers have dedicated time and effort to promote their work independently through a vehicle - the book - who offered not only a permanent and almost ever-lasting testimony of their photography but also a fascinating way to experience the stories and concept behind it.

Over the years we have learned to discover and love them at festivals and fairs, which have been characterised by a growing number of young actors who made a name for themselves and enriched the cultural heritage of the last decade with fresh ideas and subjects that were not easy to enjoy in that format before.

Publishing a photobook is a hard job. It takes years for a photographer to develop a body of work and a lot of effort to eventually raise the money, edit the pictures, conceive the design, print and eventually promote it. An expensive business card they say. If the mission is already titanic in prosperous times, imagine how hard it can be in these months. All the photography fairs, festivals and events scheduled for the spring have been either canceled or postponed. All the book-signings have been suspended and bookshops are currently closed.

For this reason, we have decided to fight back and try to find a way to make things happening anyway. Today we are very happy to present a new section - - where you can find a selection of titles from independent publishers and shops. A sort of online photobooks fest! The books on offers are great and we now count on your help to spread the initiative and help us out. We'll go also live in the next days on PHmuseum's Instagram to present you most of them so follow us and join the conversation.

Purchasing a book will not only enrich your library but also and most importantly mean a lot for the photographer and the publisher you aim to support. Have a look, share the news, and get your book before 30 April!

Written by

Giuseppe Oliverio

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