20 December 2021

Speculative Futures

20 December 2021 - Written by PhMuseum

Inspired by scientific news, Lina Van Hulle plays with her own imagination to create a futuristic scenario of what Earth and its inhabitants could look like.

Second Sun is a cinematic-like visual translation of life in the future, depicting a world you no longer know. It’s instigated by my interest in environmental change and how it might influence human evolution, as well as my love for cinema.

The title Second Sun refers to a fusion energy generator currently being built in China. The core of this machine can create, due to a chemical reaction, temperatures six times as hot as the natural sun. Knowing of this machine I was overwhelmed with a feeling of melancholy. We build machines stronger than nature without thinking of the consequences or effects thereof.

The work touches upon some disturbing speculations on what this world could look like in the future combined with uncanny imaginations of my own. The images lie between reality and fantasy, making the existence of the subjects being questioned.

Words and Pictures by Lina Van Hulle.


Lina Van Hulle (Belgium, 1998) holds a master’s degree in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She works with different mediums such as photography, video and sound. Her work can be described as a cinematic visual translation of life in the future. Find her on PhMuseum and Instagram.


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