13 July 2017

Sandra Mehl Solo Show At Cortona OTM

13 July 2017 - Written by Giuseppe Oliverio

French photographer Sandra Mehl talks about her experience at 2017 Cortona On The Move where she exhibit her work Ilona et Maddelena. The show is the result of the collaboration between the Italian festival and the PHmuseum 2017 Photography Grant.

The winner of the solo exhibition prize at Cortona On The Move, awarded during the PHmuseum 2017 Photography Grant, talks about her work, the importance of exhibitions, and her experience at the Italian photography festival.

Directed by Giuseppe Oliverio
Produced by PHmuseum
Edited by Giuseppe Oliverio
Cameras: Giovanni Barbieri, Nicoló Cinti, Giuseppe Oliverio
Drone: Giovanni Barbieri
Equipment: Red Light Photo Studio
Music: Darkside

Written by

Giuseppe Oliverio

Reading time

1 minute

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