30 June 2021

Recalling the Importance of Gathering Together

30 June 2021 - Written by Giuseppe Oliverio

The open call #ReunionCalling promoted by PhEST invited the festival's audience to tell stories of a separation or reunion between loved ones with a photo collage. The result is a touching visual experience that reminds us of the essence of human nature.

© Giorgia Bisanti

If the pandemic has reminded us of the importance of loved ones, the images of PhEST's open call #ReunionCalling represent a splendid interpretation of the importance of those bonds that develop throughout the course of a lifetime and that acquire value over time. A time that in these images seems suspended between past and future and makes us reflect on our values, on what is really important. The images I have chosen among all the submissions have this capacity for synthesis and a particular aura that helps us reconnect with our most intimate memories and feelings. For this reason, they deserve to be watched carefully and shared, hoping they can inspire a change both on a collective level and in our hectic daily life that is getting closer and closer.

© Ersilia Tarullo

© Anna Ivannikova

© Arianna Ancona

© Paola Dcroz

© Cristina De Paola

© Claudia Iacomino

© Serena Biagini

© Marta Mengardo

© Laura Chen

© Camille Carbonaro

© Laura Laterza

© Carmen Cardillo

© Giuseppe Francavilla


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Written by

Giuseppe Oliverio

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