29 March 2022

Images From The Latest Exhibition Opening At PhMuseum Lab

29 March 2022 - Written by PhMuseum

More than 200 visitors joined us for the opening of Presence, our latest exhibition that reflects on the relationship between our online and offline persona.

The spring season kicked off at PhMuseum Lab last Thursday 24 March with the opening of the new exhibition Presence, showcasing a selection of photographs that move away from the traditional understanding of a portrait and reflect on the way we portray ourseleves and the other in this digital age. The display comprises a playful experience for visitors. In the main room, there is indeed an installation composed of hanging photographs printed on nautical fabric. These are combined with reflective but see-through PVCs that create an interactive pathway and can be used as a real-life colourful filter.

The backroom instead is characterized by a pink-background selfie spot that enticed visitors to take pictures that were then collected and displayed on a TV in the main exhibition room through a random algorithm. A pop-up studio meant to trigger a conversation on those daily activities that are influencing our perception of our identity. In the same room, we also presented the entirety of the images received through the PhMuseum 2021 Mobile Photography Prize open call to give the viewer a better idea of this phenomenon and its different declination.

The opening was then followed by the presentation of PhMuseum's third photobook on the subject of mobile photography. The volume titled in the Sun on the moon, … was presented by the American artist Jason Fullford who proposed an informal dialogue with the public. Visitors were invited to play around with some of the images from the open call and reflect on how their meaning changes according to the way they are paired. That was indeed the starting point for Fulford, who curated the editing and design of the book starting from ideas discussed during the workshop What To Do With 2500 Images? that he teached at PhMuseum Days 2021.

During this opening weekend, people of all ages engaged with the works and the display, highlighting a sense of community and playfulness in the use of photography. The question of representation and identity resonates with people together with a certain need to constantly find oneself portrayed in order to be present. We invite you to come experience the show in first person in our gallery in Bologna, Italy every Friday from 5pm to 7,30pm or by appointment until 29 April. For more info, drop us a line at


Where: PhMuseum Lab, Via Paolo Fabbri 10/2a, Bologna, Italy

Admission: Free

When: 24 March to 29 April 2022

Opening Times: Friday 5 pm-7.30 pm | Monday-Thursday by appointment only


PhMuseum Lab, founded in 2020, is a multi-purpose place that shares the online experience of PhMuseum and stimulates a dialogue between digital opportunities and physical interactions. You can follow PhMuseum Lab activities on Instagram.

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