22 March 2022

The Exhibition Presence Opens on 24 March at PhMuseum Lab

22 March 2022 - Written by PhMuseum

Discussing the blurred line between our online and physical personas, the show explores the idea of human presence through the theme of portraits. The images were selected among those presented to the PhMuseum 2021 Mobile Photography Prize.

© Susanna Durante

While social media and the effects of the pandemic have influenced the way we portray ourselves, there has been a change in the balance between our online and offline presence, causing an increase in the use of our online personas to remain in touch with the rest of the world. Starting from these premises, the exhibition Presence, opening on 24 March at PhMuseum Lab, challenges the traditional understanding of a portrait and examines its concern with the human presence in its wider sense, and how it is rendered into reality.

© Maria Mavropoulou

The use of portraiture and self-portraiture has rapidly become more and more common in our daily lives, strongly affecting how we show ourselves to others and playing an important role in shaping our identity. In this sense, the selection, curation, manipulation, and editing of images meant to depict oneself or another, have turned into common practices. As part of the activities resulting from the PhMuseum 2021 Mobile Photography Prize, this collective show becomes an interactive experience where the visitor is welcome to reflect upon their physical and online presence. The exhibition includes photographs by photographers Prarthna Singh, Brendan Ó Sé, Erika Pellicci, Susanna Durante, Tijana Pakic, Maria Mavropoulou, An Le, and Giacomo Infantino. Plus, a video installation featuring all the images from the open call.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the presentation of PhMuseum's third publication meant to reflect on how digital tecnologies are influencing the visual language. Tha book is called in the Sun on the moon,... and it is curated and edited by American photographer Jason Fulford, who developed the original concept within the workshop What To Do With 2500 images? held during PhMuseum Days 2021. the release will take place on 25 March at PhMuseum Lab at 6 pm with Fulford presenting the volume for the fitst time. You can book your place here.

© Giacomo Infantino


Vernissage: 24 March | 5pm-10pm

Book Presentation: 25 March | 6pm-7pm with Jason Fulford

Where: PhMuseum Lab, Via Paolo Fabbri 10/2a, Bologna, Italy

Admission: Free, Book your slot now.

When: 24 March - 29 April 2022

Opening Times: Friday 5 pm-8 pm | Monday-Thursday by appointment only


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