26 July 2021

On the Genesis of Contemporary Myths

26 July 2021 - Written by PhMuseum

Noemi Comi balances between fiction and reality, using an ironic language that mimics scientific analysis to critically and playfully investigate the human need for alternative truths.

"A long time ago the earth, then uninhabited territory and rich in raw materials, was invaded by the Anunnaki a population of reptiles from the planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki to make the most of the raw materials that the earth had to offer, decided to create a new workforce: human beings. These were generated in the laboratory through DNA modifications.

Soon the Anunnaki began to lose their power by mating with humans, giving rise to the so-called humanoid reptiles. This new generation of reptiles is still at the top of power today."

Homo Saurus is an ironic/critical project that, based on the bizarre conspiracy theories about reptiles, stages an altered and dystopian world. The story is reconstructed through fictional documents that testify to the coming of the humanoid reptiles on our planet and within their home planet Nibiru.

Conspiracy theories about reptilians in recent years are receiving a considerable response, probably due to the economic crisis and the rise of populism. The conspirators present a distorted view of the history of humanity and the cosmos. Their intent is probably to justify their lack of power or inability to achieve work.

The project uses mythological elements to create ambiguous atmospheres, which are sometimes at the limit between reality and fiction; supporting but at the same time debunking conspiracy theories. A sort of encyclopedic gaze that, starting from a vision of the scientific world, rewrites reality and lays bare an attitude typical of hedonistic society: the construction of myths and fictions.

Words and Pictures by Noemi Comi.


Noemi Comi (1996) is a conceptual and documentary photographer born in Italy. Noemi studied photography at LABA Florence, where she graduated with Honorable Mention. At the same time, she followed a mentorship course with Urbanautica Institute. She is currently enrolled in the two-year Photography course at Brera Academy. Find her on PHmuseum and Instagram.


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