27 October 2016

November Festivals Guide

27 October 2016 - Written by Simon Hall

Paris Photo, Photolux Festival, the Singapore International Photography Festival, LagosPhoto, FELIFA, and the Festival Internacional de Fotografía Valparaíso are among the most exciting photography events on the calendar this November. Read on to learn more about their international guests and public programs.

Paris Photo (Paris, France) November 10 - 13

© Edward Burtynsky, from the series Mines

In mid-November, some 173 galleries and publishers from 35 different countries will gather in the French capital for the world’s premier international photography fair: Paris Photo. Under the new artistic direction of Florence Bourgeois, this 20th edition promises to outdo previous years’ offerings, with the introduction of new exhibiting galleries and fringe events. On view in the main sector will be everything from vintage prints and rare editions, to new series and contemporary masterpieces – it is a unique show that, Bourgeois says, provides a complete panorama of the photographic medium. Throughout the long weekend, a diverse supporting program will also be open to the public – JPMorgan will showcase a special exhibition comprised of images from its private collection; BMW is set to unveil the latest work of BMW Residency laureate, Alinka Echeverría; the annual Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook award winners will be announced; and the Musée national d’Art moderne – Centre Pompidou has been invited by Paris Photo to present a selection of work that highlights the last decade of acquisitions at the Museum. To learn more, visit

Photolux Festival (Lucca, Italy) November 19 - December 11 

© Enri Canaj, from the series The Wind Cries War

Held in the city of Lucca, Tuscany, Photolux is a relatively new festival on the circuit that looks to promote the work of established photographers, while also shedding light on new and emerging talents. The main exhibitions this year showcase the 2016 winners of 3 major photography competitions – the World Press Photo Award, the Leica Oskar Barnack Award, and the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Photography Grant. Supporting events include the book launch of Inside Outside Under Bucharest with the author Massimo Branca; a projection of the movie War Photographer directed by Christian Frei, with James Nachtwey; a presentation of the project A come Arno with the authors Paolo Cagnacci and Matteo Cesari; photobook reviews held by some of the leading names in the industry; and a series of workshops hosted by Paolo Marchetti, Lorenzo Colloreta, Sara Munari, and Dario Mitidieri. For more information, go to

Singapore International Photography Festival (Singapore) October 6 - November 13

© Nicolas Enriquez, from the series The Bloodline

The biennial Singapore International Photography Festival provides a platform for emerging Southeast Asian artists to exhibit work alongside their more established, international peers at galleries and museums across Singapore. Events this year are divided into three components: exhibitions, professional workshops, and outreach projects. The primary shows include Roger Ballen, Southeast Asia Debut; Nicolas Enriquez, The Bloodline; Mariela Sancari, Moisés; Guillaume Hebert, Transient Landscape; Heiko Tiemann, Infliction; Boris Eldagsen, How to Disappear Completely / THE POEMS; Tomasz Gudzowaty, Proof; and Maki Hayashida, The Pacific Tourist. SIPF 2016 will also host a number of fringe activities throughout various institutions and art spaces around the city, each designed to incite and encourage discussion and debate about the medium of photography. Discover the complete program at

Lagos Photo Festival (Lagos, Nigeria) October 22 - November 21

© Sanne de Wilde, from the series The Island of the Colourblind

LagosPhoto is a month-long celebration of photography that strives to engage the general public with multifaceted stories about Africa. The festival aims to unite both local and international artists through images and series that encapsulate, and reflect upon, identities from across the African continent. In this year’s edition, over 50 exhibitions will explore acts of repetition that shape gender, image, social agency, power and social constructs in contemporary society. The highlights include Sanne de Wilde, The Island of the Colourblind; Patrick Willocq, The Art of Survival; Pep Bonet, Hellbangers; Jenevieve Aken, Monankim; Bruno Morais, Palhetas; and Juno Calypso, Joyce / The Honey. A comprehensive collection of open receptions, discussions, presentations, and workshops completes the program. Explore the festival further at

FIFV Festival Internacional de Fotografía Valparaíso (Valparaíso, Chile) October 29 - November 27

© Paolo Verzone, from the series Cadets

The International Photography Festival in Valparaiso is a festival of photographic creation, making it unique in its field. The exhibitions and presentations are all made exclusively to be shown at FIFV, with much of the work produced during the festival itself. In each issue, participating photographers create new series within the framework of residencies and workshops, all with a common theme: to understand the world of Valparaiso. The exhibition highlights include Valparaíso, featuring the work of Claudine Doury, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, Gilles Favier, Bertrand Meunier, and Paolo Verzone; Muestra de Fotolibros, a display of photobooks taken from the FIFV collection; and La France Vue d´Ici, a show organized in collaboration with ImageSingulières that reflects upon contemporary French society. The supporting public program of events is comprised of workshops hosted by Ana Casas Broda, Juan Valbuena, and Dario Coletti; portfolio reviews; and ‘Brigadas Fotográficas’, an initiative that involves photographic collectives developing work around the subject of “the horizon”. Go to to find out more.

FELIFA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) November 23 - 27

© Nicolas Janowski, from the series The Liquid Serpent

FELIFA (Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor) is a fair dedicated to the exchange, dissemination, and production of Latin American photobooks. Moving into its 15th edition this year, the scheduled program features a series presentations, mini-courses, workshops, and reviews, all of which are designed to explore the trends and developments that are shaping the photobook movement. The fair has also partnered with photography museum, FoLa, to create two new opportunities for artists who recognize the growing importance of the photobook: the FELIFA FoLa International Prize and the Premio FELIFA Futura. The former will be awarded to a publication judged to be the ‘best editorial work’ and comes with a monetary prize of $2,000, while the latter – to be juried by PHM curator Nicolas Janowski, Rosario Bléfari, and Andrés Cribari – will offer one Latin American photographer the opportunity to publish 300 first edition copies a new book in collaboration with Editorial La Luminosa. There is still time to apply - visit

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