22 June 2020

Rekindling Familial Memories with Walks through the Qinling Mountains

22 June 2020 - Written by PhMuseum

Chinese photographer Pan Wang has spent three years photographing the people and landscapes of the Qinling Mountains as a means to resurfacing suppressed childhood memories of his late father.

To me, the great Qinling in China is more than a mountain range, it’s the embodiment of a father. In fact, Daqinling is referred to as ‘father mountain’. When I was a child I looked at the boundless mountains and asked the elders to explain where they began and ended, but there was never an answer.

My father died when I was five, but I remember him taking me to Qinling on his bicycle to visit relatives and friends. Images of this constantly flash in my heart. 30 years later after he died, I became a father too, and at the same age as him, I began to photograph the Qinling, eventually spending three years walking the length of the range. During my journey, I gradually picked up the childhood memories that had dissipated.

Words and Pictures by Pan Wang.


Pan Wang lives and works in Beijing, China. He is engaged in commissioned photography and personal projects. His personal works include “Broken memory. Changing hometown” and “like a father like a mountain”. Find him on PHmuseum and Instagram.


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