10 May 2022

Main Reasons To Apply To PhMuseum Days 2022 Festival Open Call

10 May 2022 - Written by PhMuseum

Working with our team, joining an international curated event and sharing a meaningful experience with many great professionals are just some of the reasons for which you should consider presenting your work.

A detail of the 2021 collective installation © PhMuseum

1. Curatorship / It means to care. If there’s something we really care about it’s our festival, to work with artists, and to share our work with the public. Applying means your work can enter the official program of an event created with love, where all the details - mounting, graphic identity, communication - matter. Something that will make your work stand out in the eyes of the public and colleagues.

2. Work with us / If your project is selected, we will call you to get to know each other and learn all we need to know about it. Then, we will listen to your exhibition proposal or suggest our own so that we can come out with a powerful presentation. Working with us means exchanging ideas and sharing with you all we have learnt in years curating shows at the PhMuseum Lab - starting from innovative materials and proposals to engage the public and give value to your work.

3. A positive mood / Something we have been really proud of about last year is that all the visitors commented on the positive and relaxed mood of the festival. Our idea is indeed to remove the distance that you sometimes feel between cultural institutions and those who enjoy their proposal, to facilitate interactions and exchange.

Chiara Nonino and Francesca Marine from Vogue Italia © PhMuseum

4. Networking / You can take advantage of these positive vibes to meet new people, listen to talks and share what you do. PhMuseum is 10 years old and we are happy to share a significate network of photographers, photo editors, curators, publishers and people who love the visual language. Coming to the festival is a good way to engage with new people to learn and work with in the future.

5. Discover Bologna / The town is a hidden jewel in Italy. Quite protected from the main touristic circuit (Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples) Bologna is well known for its University (the oldest in Europe), its cuisine and its nightlife. Once here you can discover many important art institutions like the Museum of Modern Art (MAMbo), the Cineteca di Bologna (one of the world’s major film archives, whose L’Immagine Ritrovata lab has been restoring and preserving the legacy of cinema for over twenty-five years) and MAST Foundation, plus iconic places like Cassero, an LGBTI+ Center set in the former town’s XVII centre that will run a festival in late September for its 40th anniversary.

A detail of the Vasantha Yogananthan's Afterlife exhibition © PhMuseum

6. Prizes / The individual exhibition is a career milestone. This year we will offer three and possibly more if we see work that fits well with the program. The 40-image collective installations are a powerful way to be part of the festival. The projections will further bring light to your work, among that of many other talented artists. Plus, we pay for the production of the shows, we cover the flight plus hotel expenses and we grant you a space to present your work in first person.

7. Support the festival / We self-fund most of our festival. Applying is a small significant contribution to show your support and help us invest in the exhibitions, and show that there is engagement from our community when talking with public or private institutions.

8. One thing leads to another / Even if you can’t make it, you have a free ticket to join the event. Beyond its economic value, the idea is to offer you an excuse to jump on a flight/train/car and come see with your eyes the work that we do. PhMuseum - meant as a platform, a gallery, and a festival - is a collective project that grows year after year also thanks to the feedback, ideas and energies of those who actively participate in our activities. We look forward to welcoming you in town!


All images from PhMuseum Days 2021


PhMuseum Days International Photo Festival is an event taking place in Bologna, Italy that brings together photographers and photography lovers across nationalities and styles. Last year's inaugural edition opened under the theme A New Beginning attended by more than 4000 visitors. The new edition will open on 23 September 2022 under the theme Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow, meant as an occasion to reflect on the strong moment of change we are living. The Submissions' Deadline for 12 May 2022. Learn more and apply at

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