25 May 2016

June Festivals Guide

25 May 2016 - Written by Simon Hall

Our monthly festival round-up offers an overview of what photography events will be in the spotlight during the coming month. For June, we feature Lodz Fotofestiwal, PHotoEspaña, LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Photobook Bristol, and Athens Photo Festival.

Fotofestiwal (Lodz, Poland) June 9 - 19

© Magnus Wennman, from the series Where the Children Sleep

Launched back in 2001 as an initiative of sociologystudents, Fotofestiwal – held in Lodz, Poland – has emerged as an importantforum for discussion around the humanist and social undercurrents ofphotography in the twenty-first century. The main exhibition program this year fallsunder the theme, Hit the Road: Photographers Travel. “This broadest possiblesurvey of “travel photographs” goes beyond the beautiful cliché and the picturepostcard stereotype and expands the genre to include conceptual art, photojournalismand documentary” say the organizers. The primary exhibitions are Displaced, featuringMichelle Frankfurter, Seba Kurtis, Lorie Novak, Magnus Wennman, Dario Mitidieri;Flâneur – New Urban Narratives, a group show bringing together Dima Gavrysh,Crsitina de Middel and Alexander Gronsky; and the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal,which presents the work of 10 artists exploring new trends within the photographicmedium.

Copenhagen Photo Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark) June 2 - 12

© Elena Chernyshova, from the series Days of Night, Nights of Day

Copenhagen Photo Festival is an annualshowcase of both local and international contemporary photography. Founded in2010 by Julie Navne Klitbo and Rasmus Ranum, the main aim of CPF is to promotenew works that simultaneously explore the different elements of photography andlay a platform for theoretical discussions. Exhibition highlights this yearinclude Lars Just, Voices from the Cold; Elena Chernyshova, Days of Night,Nights of Day; Nathalie Daoust, Korean Dreams; Frej Rosenstjerne, ProlongingState of Mind I; Daniele Sambo, Short Stories; and Andreas Olesen, Estate. A seriesof documentary films and technical workshops complete the program of events.

PHotoEspaña (Madrid, Spain) June 1 - August 28

© Inge Morath, from the series Danube

Having first opened in 1998, PHotoEspañaInternational Festival of Photography and Visual Arts is today one of the mostimportant events of its kind in the world. In this 19th edition, the artisticprogram focuses solely on the concept of Europe, analyzing “what it is; what ithas been; and how the continent as a whole is configured in social, geographic,political, economic or creative terms.” Notable exhibitions include Transitions. Ten years that transformedEurope. Motelay Collection (featuring photographers Chris Killip, Jean MarcBustamante, Candida Höfer and Boris Mikhailov); In the Footsteps of IngeMorath. Gazes on the Danube (Inge Morath, Olivia Arthur, Lurdes R. Basoli,Kathryn Cook, Ami Vitale, Jessica Dimmock); and Faces. Portrait Photography inEurope since 1990 (Luc Delahaye, Rineke Dijkstra, Adam Pańczuk, Thomas Ruff,and Thomas Struth). The festival’s annual show dedicated to the bestphotography books of the year is also not to be missed.

LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism (Hannover, Germany) June 15 - 19

© Ciril Jazbec, from the series On Thin Ice

The LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism celebrates the power and influence of visual stories in our increasingly image-centered world. “Fundamentally influencing our perception of humanity in all its facets, photojournalism contributes to our education and sensitization, rouses our emotion, and enables us to share” assert the curators. 60 exhibitions will be displayed in various locations across the site of the former World Exhibition Expo 2000: Bego Anton, Everybody loves to ChaChaCha, Alejandro Cegarra, Living with Hugo Chávez Legacy, Maxim Dondyuk, This is War, Ciril Jazbec, On Thin Ice, Dominic Nahr, Crisis in Unity, and Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Where the Rivers Flow Through are among the featured shows this year. An extensive program of supporting events complements the exhibitions, with such renowned photographers as Espen Rasmussen, Mads Nissen, Robin Hammond, and Daniel Berehulak scheduled to host lectures.

Photobook Bristol (Bristol, UK) June 10 - 13

© Hajime Kimura, from the book In Search of Lost Memories

Organized by RRB Photobooks and IC-VisualLab, Photobook Bristol serves as an annual meeting place for collectors,publishers, and photographers to come together and discuss the latest trendsdeveloping in the world of photobooks. The scheduled program is comprised of talksfeaturing renowned names in the industry, workshops held by professionalpractitioners, book fairs, and a curated mini-exhibition of dummies. This year HajimeKimura, Martin Bollati, Maki Hayashida, Ikuru Kuwajima, Alice Myers, and ChristianRodriguez will all be showcasing their new photobooks, while key guest speakersinclude Martin Parr, Yumi Goto, Laura El-Tantawy, Max Pinckers, and MarielaSancari.

Athens Photo Festival (Athens, Greece) June 9 - July 31

© Maxim Dondyuk, from the series Culture of the Confrontation

Photographers from all over the world, bothemerging and established, come together at Athens Photo Festival with the aimof raising awareness and fostering an understanding of the critical issues facingmodern society. In 2016, the major theme comes under the title [mis/dis]placed,with the curators seeking to question “how collective consciousness andindividual identity and position are shaped, in relation to the fast-changingglobal situation.” The exhibition line-up features such prominent names as MaximDondyuk, Nick Hannes, Martin Kollar, Emine Gozde Sevim, Sam Ivin, Sofie Amalie Klougart,Roger Ballen, Alvaro Laiz, Danila Tkachenko, Alejandro Chaskielberg, and PolixeniPapapetrou.

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