12 August 2019

Following the Trail of Wolves in the French Alps

12 August 2019 - Written by PhMuseum

In her ongoing series The Howling Mountain, French photographer Betty Bogaert uses a variety of artistic methods to record a multi-layered narrative that examines the ancient bond between man, wolves, and the environment in which they inhabit.

On a Sunday in February in the local newspaper, the wolf is on the cover. In Savoy, the growing presence of this protected species is a subject of debate. I choose to follow the wolf’s trail, or rather those who speak about it: farmers, shepherds, hunters, park wardens, mountain guides or hikers share their stories with me. This project talks about men and wolves, predation, and little red riding hood's stories. It’s a mix of anger, fear, and fascination with myths and legends about this animal. In this ongoing project, I’m working with photography, audio recordings, and writing.

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Betty Bogaert lives and works between the French Alps, where she grew up, and Quebec, where she continues her studies in photography. Her practice is grounded in a documentary style and she often fuses sound and writing into her projects. Find her on PHmuseum and Instagram.


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