07 October 2021

Two Times Mary's Exhibition Opens Next Week at Fonderia 20.9 In Verona

07 October 2021 - Written by PhMuseum

The first solo show by Valeria Arendar will open next Friday, 16th October as a result of the Intersection Exhibition Prize offered jointly by PhMuseum and the Italian gallery.

The main room of Fonderia 20.9 Gallery.

Fonderia 20.9 is getting ready to present Two Times Mary, the exhibition of the work by Valeria Arendar triggered by the forced exile of the artist's mother during the military dictatorship in Argentina in the 1970s. A project that retrieves corporal and emotional memory from what detonated that night in the author's family. A work that tries to understand what kinds of pain are kept in the archives of remembrance, and if memories are a possibility of the politicization through which empathy is rooted in those long pains.

"We are glad to host Valeria Arendar and her work in our gallery space," comments Fonderia's Chiara Bandino, curator of the show. "Among all the submissions, Two Times Mary was selected for the importance of the issue and the consistency of the artist's approach to the subject. Beyond this, we were eager to collaborate with a young-talented woman from Latin America and challenge our European audience with her practice."

© Valeria Arendar, from Two Times Mary

The Mexican photographer is the winner of the first edition of PhMuseum free open call Intersection Exhibition Prize, a new proposal aimed at giving visibility to authors while developing new connections between them and artistic institutions. The jury of the first edition was composed by Giuseppe Oliviero & Rocco Venezia (PhMuseum), Chiara Bandino & Francesco Biasi (Fonderia) and photographer Mariela Sancari. Her show opens in Verona, Italy on next Saturday 16 October and it is the first solo exhibition of the Argentinean-Mexican photographer. Below you can find all the practical info.

Where: Fonderia 20.9, via XX Settembre 67/a, Verona, Italy

When: 16 October - 6 November 2021

Opening: 16 October, 6.30pm

Opening times: Wed – Fri 10-13/16-19 | Sat 10-13

Admission: Free


Valeria Arendar is an Argentine-Mexican photographer based in Mexico. She graduated from the Seminario de Producción Fotográfica del Centro de la Imagen (2019-2020) under the tutelage of Nirvana Paz and Óscar Farfán and this year she was a finalist at POYLatam, where she received an Honorable Mention in Nuestra Mirada category.

Fonderia 20.9 is an artist-run space dealing with Contemporary Photography, founded in 2015 in Verona, Italy. We complement the exhibitions of emerging and established artists with local projects where people interested in visual arts can gather and share ideas. Fonderia 20.9 is also a selected library, a projection room and a fine-art printing service.

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