09 March 2017

BuzzFeed News Climate Change Focus

09 March 2017 - Written by Giuseppe Oliverio

We are collaborating with BuzzFeed News for a special focus on climate change, which will be published on their website on Earth Day (22 April). Upload your stories and contribute in raising awareness about one of the most critical issues of our time.

 © Alberto Giuliani from the project Surviving HumanityGlobal Seed Vault in Longyearbyen, Arctic Svalbard. Also named the Apocalypse Ark, this bunker goes 150 metres under the ice and it can resist a nuclear war or a missile attack. Here, seeds from all over the world are stored against any loss or natural catastrophe 

The devastating effects of Climate Change are more clear every day. Still there is a lot to be done in order to raise awareness and take practical actions to face this critical issue. For this reason we have decided to collaborate with BuzzFeed News on a special focus aimed at renovating the debate, showing where we are, and suggesting possible solutions.

In this sense, photography is a very powerful tool to engage and communicate with a broad audience. This is why we are looking for visual projects that stand out and raise awareness. They can examine the causes and show the devastating effects of climate change, but also focus on the resilience, creativity and determination to fight back and find possible solutions.

All the photographers in our community are invited to participate in this free call by simply uploading visual projects featuring the tag EarthDay before 30 March. Buzzfeed News photo editors will review all the stories with that tag and select between 3 and 5 of them for a paid publication on Buzzfeed News. If your project is already uploaded, simply add the hashtag EarthDay. You can present more than one work. 

Projects can be previously published in other magazines, but should have been shot within the past 3 years. You can upload photos in a standard resolution and provide the high resolution files at a later date, if the project is selected. BuzzFeed will purchase the projects through the PHmuseum platform offering a $500-600 fee for each. PHmuseum will take care of dealing with the transactions, generating all the invoices, and crediting the fee - minus PHmuseum's 20% commission - to the photographer's Paypal or Stripe account.

There is no need for premium membership nor to pay an application fee. You just need to have a Photographer account within our community and upload your work. If you have any questions, just drop us a line at

Written by

Giuseppe Oliverio

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