Cinzia Romanin Tackles the Challenges of Humanity by Investigating Crucial Dichotomies of Our Time

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    2 Jan 2023
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  • Topics Documentary

As the tale of a human race always victorious against nature and the challenges of tomorrow is crumbling ever faster, the artist's large-format images are an invitation to slow down, look around and critically reflect on our future on earth.

While since the dawn of time humans have relied on divine fate, science has recently made us realise how much our daily choices are defining our future world. Faced with the dilemma of losing our immediate comfort or our lasting well-being provided by our ecosystems, we could then wonder which path we are going to choose. In times of environmental occurrences, pandemics, wars, economic and social crisis, how are our societies going to improve their resilience? By observing the metamorphoses of natural, urban and social landscapes, this project aims to highlight the paradox between growth and restraint, between urban sprawl and nature preservation, between patriarchy and eco-feminism, between limited resources and uncontrolled new technologies to create a reflection on our future decisions.


Words and pictures by Cinzia Romanin


Cinzia Romanin is highly interested in human and territorial dimensions. She uses her large format camera as a democratic and slow medium to produce a sensitive and committed reflection on the landscape metamorphoses to reconsider issues which could become fundamental for our future. Follow her on Instagram and PhMuseum.


This feature is part of Story of the Week, a selection of relevant projects from our community handpicked by the PhMuseum curators.

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