02 February 2022

CENTER Santa Fe Releases Their 2022 Award and Grant Packages

02 February 2022 - Written by PhMuseum

Aiming to support its photographic community offering financial support, mentorships and exhibitions, the North American organization is currently accepting applications until the 27th of February.

Image from the Advanced Photography Workshop with Peter Brown at Rice University © MaryBeth Flaherty

Founded in 1994, CENTER Santa Fe has always supported socially and environmentally engaged visual projects through education, public platforms, funding, and partnerships. This 2022 they have released a series of packages that offer from mentorship to a total of $16,000 in cash prizes. Some of their past editions have recognised very well known names in photography such as Julie Blackmon or Tamas Dezsco, and this year's lineup counts with juries like Karen Irvine or Sarah Leen. Fostering a large program, the submission is open until the 27th of February for all international artists working with photographic processes and photo-mixed media projects. 

Keeping an inclusive program and in order to enhance all voices, CENTER offers grants like ME&EVE that provides financial support to a female-identified, non-binary, transgender, or gender non-conforming photographer, of 40 years of age and over. Following this line and tackling contemporary urgent issues, they also offer The Personal Awards which deal with work engaging in the exploration, expression and power of self-representation of under-represented experiences. Furthermore, The Social Awards recognizes work that engages with social issues in a more general way. Supporting multimedia and narrative-driven projects that might inspire social action, they offer The Multimedia Storytelling Award, open to new media, photojournalism, installation and web-based works among other categories.  

Images from 2019 Portfolio Walk, Santa Fe Farmers Market Pavilion © Chris Mortenson

Putting at the forefront the importance of a conversation upon the state of the ecological environment, The Environmental Award is open to topics, but not limited to, conservation, biodiversity, ecology, climate change, or other issues concerning the natural world.  

The Review Santa fe: Portfolio Reviews will be useful for those seeking not only audience expansion and community engagement, but also good quality feedback. Past years have proven a good experience for those who participated in this portfolio reviews opportunity.  This grant offers a juried portfolio review event, a conference for audience expansion and critical discussion, as well as other participatory opportunities within CENTER Santa Fe. The review event is scheduled to take place in the Fall of 2022.

Following their commitments with education, and ensuring the longevity of the career of their community, they also count with the Callanan Excellence in Teaching Award, which honours a high school, college, or postgraduate teacher’s dedication and commitment to their students and the photographic field (educators must be nominated by their students or colleagues before February 27, 2022). Beyond these, works in progress also find a place within their packages through the Project Development Grant and the Project Launch Grant.  

The Atascosa Highlands are an area of incredible biological diversity located within one of the most ecologically rich regions on the planet.”, from the series Atascosa Borderlands © Luke Swenson & Jack Dash

The 2022 lineup of awards and grants packages at CENTRE Santa Fe, ensures that all lens-based practises and practitioners find themselves represented, providing a space for improvement, education, community and growth. Applications are now open online until 27 February. If you are looking for ways of supporting your photographic practice CENTER Santa Fe's grants program is a great instrument to do so. To find further information on each grant and award opportunity please go to    

2019 Portfolio Walk, Santa Fe Farmers Market Pavilion © Chris Mortenson

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