08 August 2022

Argentinian Photographer Luciana Demichelis Explores Near-space and the Authority to Populate It

08 August 2022 - Written by PhMuseum

Órbita Wireless mixes fiction and reality to discuss ideas of access and contemporary supremacy through investigating satellites in space and the power relations they represent.  

Aldous Huxley philosophized about how far the near-space race would go in the future. The movies talk about a meteorite that could destroy the Earth. What if something like this happens to some of the objects we sent to surround the atmosphere?

“Órbita Wireless” began in late April 2022, with the help of IAR, the Radioastronomy Institute from Villa Elisa, and some of my friends, discussing how the culture of doing and technology meet to create and imagine. With fiction and a DIY way, this project talks about Latin American satellites, internet access and the sovereignty to think about today's world. 

Historically, the places that send the most satellites to space year after year are the USA and Europe, leaving Latin America behind despite its excellent scientific quality. These satellites would offer great internet services, but at a very high cost for the countries of our region. In this photographic work, reality and science fiction come together to create something new.

Words and Pictures by Luciana Demichelis


Luciana Demichelis (Ensenada, Argentina, 1992) NB photographer, lives and works in La Plata, Argentina. Their work investigates themes related to music and the relationship between photography and fiction, using personal narratives to explore photography as a means of representation. Follow them on Instagram and PhMuseum


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