27 April 2022

Announcing the Second Edition of Criticae Our Online Documentary Photography Masterclass

27 April 2022 - Written by PhMuseum

Having critical inputs while remaining true to your own narrative is one of the key aspects of documentary photography. Under the guidance of photographer Laura El-Tantawy, the new masterclass explores these very ideas while providing you with unique tools to delve into different modes of personal storytelling.

© Laura El-Tantawy, image from her project In the Shadow of the Pyramids.

How can you through personal practice engage in social concerns and reach an audience? Establishing a relationship with both your subjets and the public while maintaining your individual standpoint is one of the most significant aspects of artistic practices. As a photographer, dealing with reality is a skill that can be acquired through time, the second edition of Criticae will provide you with the space to improve and explore your personal narratives and become better at conveying your vision of the world. Revolving around documentary photography and its different elements, you will be presented with theoretical and practical strategies of storytelling in the form of tailor-made feedback and open discussions. With the aim of completing your work along with potential presentation formats, this opportunity will give you the chance to expand your knowledge and develop your research

© Laura El-Tantawy, exhibition of her work Beyond Here Is Nothing at Seen Fifteen Gallery London.

The 8-month online program will be guided by the well-renowned Laura El-Tantawy, who will introduce you to photography as a vehicle for individual story-telling. She was among the four artists nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize in 2016, and she is the author of five highly regarded monographs. During the course of the masterclass, Laura will conduct group reviews, seminars and one-to-one mentoring sessions, in which her expertise and methods will be shared. This educational opportunity offers you access to feedback from a leading professional in the scene and the space for networking among international peers. The course will also count on 5 online studio visits with experts in the field, allowing you informal chat with each of them and granting you a unique industry insight.

© Laura El-Tantawy, spread from her photobook Beyond Here Is Nothing.

Furthermore, one or more participants will be granted an exhibition at PhMuseum Lab, our gallery in Bologna, Italy, an experience that will be providing international exposure, and the opportunity to showcase your work in a public venue. In the past edition, the PhMuseum team selected as recipients both the works by Henri Airo and Camilla Marrese, who will have a collective show in fall 2022. That said all Criticae participants have proven to share a professional attitude, and have developed their practice at a high-performance level, you can check their final year public presentation here to have a better idea of the work produced.

© Laura El-Tantawy, multi-channels video installation at The Photographers' Gallery for the Deutsche Börse Prize.

The new edition of the Masterclass will begin in June 2022 and run until February 2023. Submitting your work is completely free of charge, once you send your application the PhMuseum team will review your submission, if the candidature is accepted we will guide you through the enrollment process. If you apply by 5 May you can be the recipient of the full scholarship, we generally receive around 90 applications, so your motivations and attention behind the candidature are important criteria to select the eventual participants. There are limited seats available for this program so we recommend you don't wait until the last day to present your candidature. Discover the full program and apply on the dedicated page. We look forward to working with you, good luck!



5 May - If you apply by this date you can be eligible for the full scholarship. 

12 May - If you apply by this date you can be eligible for the Early Bird Fee of €1,600. 

26 May - If you apply by this date you can join the program by paying the Regular Fee of €1,850.


Criticae Online Documentary Photography Masterclass is part of PhMuseum´s educational program. As photography and its language constantly evolve, our programs offer you a comprehensive set of resources to improve your skill set, connect with international experts, and stay updated with the latest trends and opportunities. We propose a wide range of educational opportunities, from portfolio reviews to long term Masterclasses, feel free to reach out anytime at or check out which program suits you best at

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