10 March 2022

Why Is Important for Photographers and Artists to Curate Their Own Work?

10 March 2022 - Written by PhMuseum

CURA, the new PhMuseum online masterclass dedicated to contemporary curatorial practice will provide you with all the necessary tools for designing and producing a successful show in a historical moment where it is fundamental to know how to present your work in physical and online venues.

Why as a photographer and artist you should learn how to curate? Showcasing your work within the right context always presents a great chance of reaching a new audience, reexamining your research and receiving feedback. Naturally, collaborating with a professional figure would facilitate this process. Yet, especially at the beginning of your career, having the support of a curator or a gallerist is not always possible. For example, in many open calls offering the opportunity to exhibit at festivals or galleries, artists are asked to submit a display proposal next to their standard portfolio. To be prepared to face the many challenges that our industry presents, we believe that you as a practitioner should apprehend the rules of this fundamental process in order to develop new tools for designing a successful show and learn key skills that you will enjoy along with your entire career.

For all these reasons, after the great success of Folio and Criticae, we decided to lunch Cura the 3rd online educational offer by PhMuseum. The new 8-month online masterclass will count on the guidance of Niccolò Fano, founder, and director of Matèria Gallery in Rome. Cura focuses on all the aspects surrounding exhibition-making and offers the participants to acquire a well-structured knowledge of exhibition design practices, research, and the legal/bureaucratic aspects of curation.

The masterclass will begin in late May and last until January 2023. Constructed with group classes, individual tutorials, interactive studio visits, and panel discussions selected applicants should expect to experience an engaging teaching path that will help to develop a contemporary understanding of curatorial methods. Selected participant(s) will also be eligible for a digital curatorial residency at Matèria´s digital HQ on Decentraland, providing a chance to start getting involved in the growing environment of the metaverse. 

Participating in this opportunity will grant you the chance to improve your work and research methods by receiving feedback from an internationally-renowned curator like Niccolò Fano, who has a large experience as a professor, having worked at Sotheby´s London or Rome´s Institute of Photography, to cite some. Furthermore, this masterclass will create a space for a selected group of professionals to network with, both amongst the guest lectures and through the studio visits.

You can be eligible for the full scholarship if you apply by 10 March, while the last term for receiving your application is set for 3 April. To find out how to enroll and have a detailed overview of the schedule please visit the dedicated page.


Cura is part of PhMuseum´s educational program. As photography and its language constantly evolve, our programs offer you a comprehensive set of resources to improve your skills set, connect with international experts, and stay updated with the latest trends and opportunities. We propose a wide range of educational opportunities, from portfolio reviews to long term Masterclasses, feel free to reach out anytime at or check out which program suits you best at

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