02 April 2022

Angelica Dass' Humanae Show Donated to a School via PhMuseum Days

02 April 2022 - Written by PhMuseum

For the first time in Bologna, an artistic work of international value is permanently placed in a place of everyday life, in contact with young people, as the result of a positive synergy between artist, cultural operators and city institutions.

A view of the show Humanae by Angelica Dass now permanently installed at IIS Belluzzi Fioravanti high school in Bologna, Italy

Humanæ, the photographic project on the colors of humanity by the award-winning Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass becomes a permanent installation within the IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti in Bologna, after being presented in September 2021 at the first edition of PhMuseum Days, the international festival of photography by PhMusuem.

Having expressed the desire to donate her works to a school in the city, the Municipality of Bologna, urged by PhMuseum, has seized this precious opportunity to permanently root a work of art that intertwines cultural and cultural spheres together. educational, in a reality inhabited daily by hundreds of students. Following a research carried out on the territory, the Culture and Creativity Sector together with the Education, Education and New Generations Area of ​​the Municipality of Bologna welcomed the interest of the IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti of Bologna to host this exhibition symbol of diversity and union, the result of a positive synergy between artist, cultural operators and city institutions. I

Students talk in the corridor of IIS Belluzzi Fioravanti high school in Bologna, Italy

In the presence of Elena Di Gioia delegate of the Mayor for Culture of Bologna and Metropolitan City, Daniele Ara councilor at the School of the Municipality of Bologna, Edoardo Soverini school director of the IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti of Bologna, Giuseppe Oliverio, director of PHMuseum and the artist Angelica Dass (in remote connection) Thursday 31 March at 10 am, in the main hall of the IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti, in Via GDCassini n.3, a press conference was held to inaugurate the installation of 12 prints in large format of the photographic works of the Humanae project, which is configured as an open work, without a definitive completion, to represent all types of beliefs, gender identities and physical characteristics of the human being in a free and inclusive way. With the aim of pursuing and amplifying these values, the IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti uses its spaces, with the involvement of the entire school community, to welcome, understand and spread an important message of equality and peace, while creating a original example of highly artistic qualification of the learning environment.

A view of the show Humanae by Angelica Dass now permanently installed at IIS Belluzzi Fioravanti high school in Bologna, Italy

Humanæ is an unusually direct reflection on skin color that Angelica Dass has been carrying out since 2011 through a series of portraits. The project attempts to document humanity's true colors by avoiding false labels such as white, red, black and yellow often associated with race. It is a work in constant evolution that tries to demonstrate that what defines the human being is his inevitable uniqueness and, therefore, his diversity. The background of each portrait is filled with a shade of the same color as an 11x11 pixel sample, taken from the subject's nose and combined with the Pantone® industrial palette which, in its neutrality, questions the contradictions and stereotypes related to the issues of race. The direct and personal dialogue with the public and the absolute spontaneity of participation are fundamental values ​​of the project that connote it with a strong vein of activism. Dass, in fact, does not select the participants and has not set a date for its completion. From people included on Forbes' lists, to refugees who have crossed the Mediterranean Sea by boat, more than 4000 people portrayed in 20 countries and 36 different cities are part of his project beyond ideology, gender identity, age group or physical impairment. Humanae is therefore a collective project. All of us, without labels.

The show Humanae by Angelica Dass as originally presented at PhMuseum Days 2021


Angelica Dass (Rio de Janeiro, 1979) is an award-winning photographer born in Brazil and currently residing in Spain. Her practice combines photography with sociological research and public participation, aiming at the global defense of human rights. In 2016, her career launches into new dimensions thanks to her participation in the TED Global Talks. The event confirms the great potential of her work which actually goes beyond photography and becomes a tool for social change that promotes dialogue and challenges cultural prejudices. Her works have traveled to over 50 cities around the world, from Photo España to the World Economic Forum (Davos), UN-Habitat III, London Migration Museum, The Hague Museum, Lausanne Musée de l'Elysée, Dublin Science Gallery; to the pages of National Geographic, Time Magazine, Foreign Affairs and other international media. This professional path led Angélica to found the Humanæ Institute, a non-profit educational platform with the aim of positioning diversity as a value at the center of the educational process. Follow her on Instagram.

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