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13 January 2020

A Metaphorical Representation of Incarceration

13 January 2020 - Selected by PHmuseum

In a series comprised of both portraits and shots of the British landscape, Jamie Murray looks to create a collection of mystical photographs informed by the private discussions he had with individuals who have served time in prison.

This work came about through a series of conversations with individuals who have been incarcerated. Within these conversations the ex-prisoners spoke of what led them to punishment, how they navigated the prison environment, and their eventual transition from institution to freedom.

Less interested in a traditional documentary approach I instead wanted to hear the stories told by those who had experienced prison firsthand, an approach more akin to a folklorist. The works are a rumination on these private conversations.

Words and Pictures by Jamie Murray.


Jamie Murray is a documentary photographer based in Bristol, United Kingdom. His work centres around the notion of storytelling. Drawing on ideas from history and folklore, he is interested in the persistence of stories and their relevance to humanity. Looking towards an expanded understanding of documentary within contemporary photography, he feels it is important to engage with subjects in a number of ways, not being afraid to confront, collaborate with and record the experiences he has. Find him on PHmuseum and Instagram.


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