A Guide To June 2024 Photography Festivals & Exhibitions

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    15 May 2024
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Fotofestiwal, Getxophoto, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Photobooks Switzerland, Belfast Photo Festival, Disintegrata by Silvia Rosi and Fiebre Photobook Fest are among the photography events to visit this month.

Fotofestiwal 2024

Łódź, Poland / 13 June - 23 June

This year, Fotofestiwal invites you to twelve exhibitions co-organized with city and university galleries, as well as partner institutions from all over Poland.

With no curatorial constraints, the Main Program will be dedicated to processes of liberation with the solo shows of Martin Kollar, Yorgos Yatromanolakis, Gloria Oyarzabal, Diego Moreno, Lukas Hoffmann, Michalina Kacperak and Photography is Everywhere, an exhibition dedicated to children aged 7-12. Through the Open Call Program, works by finalists Adrien Selbert, Camila de Maffei, Lavinia Parlamenti and Manfredi Pantanella, Marcel Top, Peter Pflügler, and Tomasz Kawecki will be displayed.

The City Program will provide an overview of the latest projects by contemporary Polish artists and students, plus two exhibitions representing Lithuanian and Romanian visual arts such as Weronika Gęsicka, Przemek Dzienis, Dovilė Dagienė, Iosif Király, Magda Hueckel, Grzegorz Wełnicki, Łukasz Rusznica, Jerzy Grzegorski, Igor Omulecki, Bartłomiej Talaga, Katarzyna Serkowska and Bartosz Kałużny Nachtigal.

Activities will include concerts, workshops, film screenings, educational activities, the slideshow of works by Futures Talents 2024 and Photo-Match, an unusual formula of portfolio reviews where 20 photographers and 20 experts from all over Europe will publicly present their works.

Visit Fotofestiwal's website to discover more.

Getxophoto Festival 2024

Getxo, Spain / 6 June - 30 June

Curated by María Ptqk, Getxophoto 2024 will gather projects that explore games and playing. Masahisa Fukase, Michalina Kacperak, Lu Yang, Maxim Zmeyev, Hayahisa Tomiyasu, Jana Sophia Nolle, Manuela Lorente, Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Feng Li, 2girls1comp and Verónica Fieiras are among the exhibiting artists, with the program including also a solo show by Spasi Sohrani, selected through the PhMuseum 2024 Photography Grant.

Among the activities you'll find a series of talks titled The Sense Of Editing, New Displays On Exhibitions and What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Digital Curation, which will bring together experts Emma Bowkett, Jason Fulford, Jon Uriarte, Arianna Rinaldo, Vítor Nieves, Marco de Muttis, and Catherine Troiano for a whole morning of dialogues questioning contemporary image issues. The Hamaiketako talks will take place in the company of local artists and cultural agents, hosted by Niko Vázquez and the creators of the podcast El espejo de Vivian y Francesca, Inma Barrio and Leire Etxazarra. Sol Moon Izar, a self-service oracle conceived by photographer and editor Jason Fulford and specially produced for this edition of the festival, will exercise your creativity and imagination. Precursing, a performance by Nina Davies, will explore the generalized movements of NPCs (Non Playable Characters) that mimic humans in video games.

Discover the complete list of exhibited artists on Getxophoto's website.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2024

Copenhagen, Denmark / 6 June - 16 June

This year celebrating its 15th anniversary, the Danish festival encourages the public to think creatively on all the ways we are co-dependently connected. Themed Entanglement, this edition will show works by artists such as Andi Galdi Vinko, Björn Nilsson, Chloé Azzopardi, Christine Lorenzen, Emanuele Occhipinti, Jansen van Staden, Katerina Tsakiri, Lamees Saleh Sharaf el Din, Mafalda Rakoš, Marcus DeSieno, Natalia Kepesz, Seif Kousmate, Toby Binder, Vic Bakin and Yuxing Chen.

Events will flourish around Copenhagen, with an itinerary involving artists talks, DJ sets, exhibition openings and film screenings. Activities include a workshop program where you can learn analogue photo techniques, explore new avenues for your artistic practice, or build your own portfolio under the guidance of artists and professionals. This year’s photo book market will take place in a triple tipi tent at the Festival Center.

Find out more about the festival's program on their website.

Photobooks Switzerland 2024

Geneva, Switzerland / 22 June - 23 June

Initiated by Anastasia Mityukova, Photobooks Switzerland is an event co-organised with different photography-specialized venues in the Swiss territory. With this edition taking place at the Center of Photography in Geneva, the weekend aims to create a friendly and festive atmosphere in order to encourage exchanges and meetings between professionals, photographers, students, and schools.

RVB Books, Meteoro Editions, Editions du Caïd, La Maison de Z, Classe moyenne éditions, Ciao Press, Label Rapace, Vevey Images éditions, and ESSARTER Edition are among the publishers who will attend the event. The program includes a workshop on Text-Image held by artist Leonie Rose Marion, an exhibition curated by Artphilein, and portfolio reviews with experts like Amelie Schüle, Anne Gallot, Anne Wyrsch, Annette Amberg, Caroline Nicod, Claus Gunti, Daria Tuminas, Jérôme Sother, Lola Mac Dougall and Sarah Girard.

Visit their website to discover more.

Belfast Photo Festival 2024

Belfast, United Kingdom / 1 June - 30 June

The 10th edition will delve into how contemporary photographers are interpreting rapid digitalisation, our climate emergency, and the ethical questions surrounding Artificial Intelligence. Under the theme Divergence, this edition embraces the complexity of our polarised world, shining a light on the importance of nuance, critical thought, and interpretation, while offering antidotes for survival.

Among the displayed works, SMILE AI by Mattais Oostrik is a tech-art installation that immerses its audience into a dystopian future where reality is refracted through the lens of AI's statistical interpretations. Broken Spectre is Richard Mosse’s most ambitious project, taking you deep into the Brazilian Amazon with an immersive 74-min piece presented as a bespoke video installation including a 20m wide screen and 16-channel sound. Our Streets are full of White Bears by Barbara Caillot and Aleksandra Karkowska explores why people are so eager to take photos with a white bear, wondering what is mythical, magical, and universal about it.

Discover more on Belfast Photo Festival's website.

Disintegrata by Silvia Rosi at Collezione Maramotti

Reggio Emilia, Italy / 28 April - 28 July

Conceived specifically for this space, the exhibition includes twenty new photographic works, several moving images, and a group of archival photos that the artist collected in Italy between 2023 and 2024. Aided by Mistura Allison, Theophilus Imani and Ifeoma Nneka Emelurumonye, Silvia Rosi travelled across the area to gather hundreds of ordinary photographs, family snapshots that capture the everyday experience of people who came to Italy from Africa before the 2000s, and who over the years have taken pictures of themselves and their lives in various contexts.

Disintegrata is a starting point for Rosi’s broader project: an extensive community-building operation aimed at creating a network of Afro-Italian citizens and forming a family archive of the African diaspora in Italy, to explore new ways of passing on visual knowledge through vernacular images.

Visit Collezione Maramotti's website to discover more.

Fiebre Photobook Fest 2024

Madrid, Spain / 21 June - 23 June

After a gap year, Fiebre Photobook Fest is back to renew its engagement with the dissemination and enhancement of the photobook.

Aiming at reaching different generations, emerging and established artists, independent and consolidated publishers, Fiebre's main focus will be the Book Market, along with parallel activities such as presentations, workshops, exhibitions, viewings, talks and BookJockeys, bringing the photobook to new audiences.

Find out more on their website.


Also open this month:

Sabine Weiss, Nathalie Boutté and Tamara Janes at Photo Elysée / Lausanne, Switzerland / 22 June - 29 September

Photo Elysée celebrates the centenary of Sabine Weiss alongside the innovative dialogue of visual artist Nathalie Boutté by opening its archives to the French artist. Hommage reveals some of the 200,000 negatives and 7,000 contact sheets that make up her collection, received in 2017. Set And Setting by Tamara Janes humorously explores the complex interplay between high and popular culture, inviting viewers to question and reconsider the post-modern conditions of the image.

Athens Photo Festival 2024 / Athens, Greece / 6 June - 28 July

By exploring a variety of cultural, artistic, social, and political perspectives, the Greek festival directed by Manolis Moresopoulos brings together a diverse range of works spanning all image-based genres. At the heart of the Athens Photo Festival lies a multi-layered program of events and year-round activities, encompassing education and public programs, talent development, engaging in social practices, and community outreach initiatives.

Mesnographies 2024 / Les Mesnuls, France / 1 June - 14 July

Directed and curated by Claire Pathé, Consuelo Chozas and Maud Guillot, the Mesnographies is a free entrance outdoor festival that aims to open up its community and make the photographic medium accessible to rural areas through large-scale exhibitions, generally reserved for city dwellers. This edition's God Father is Belgian-Tunisian artist Karim Ben Khelifa, which projects lie at the intersection of narrative arts, science and technology. .

Art Photo Bcn 2024 / Barcelona, Spain / 6 June - 9 June

For its 11th edition the Spanish festival returns to spring, the place in the calendar that gave it its meaning and beginning in 2014 and which aims to revive the spirit of the Primavera Fotográfica in Barcelona through diverse activities that promote the importance of photography and the image in the current circuit. Once again in the hands of Vicenç Boned, Ana Benavent and Moritz Neumüller, the photography fair and the photobook market will be the mainstays of the event.

Photoville 2024 / New York, United States / 1 June - 16 June

For the 2024 edition, the festival has collaborated with a group of artists and programming partners to curate and present over 85 free outdoor photo exhibitions across their iconic stomping grounds in Brooklyn Bridge Park and all five boroughs of NYC. Activities include workshops with the International Center of Photography, specially curated tours with festival artists and curators, a series of free public programs to continue the support of journalistic safety and conflict photojournalism, and more.


Check out our festivals and exhibitions page to get a complete view of what's coming up on the photography calendar over the next few months.

© Weronika Gęsicka, Fotofestiwal

© Weronika Gęsicka, Fotofestiwal

A Guide To June 2024 Photography Festivals & Exhibitions

© One Bed, Two Blankets, Seventy-Six Rules by Sabine Hess and Nicolas Polli, published by Ciao Press, Photobooks Switzerland

© Spasi Sohrani, Getxophoto Festival

© Spasi Sohrani, Getxophoto Festival

© Arnau Blanch Vilageliu, Belfast Photo Festival

© Arnau Blanch Vilageliu, Belfast Photo Festival

© Charlotte Dumas, Fiebre Photobook Fest

© Charlotte Dumas, Fiebre Photobook Fest

© Yuxing Chen, Copenhagen Photo Festival

© Yuxing Chen, Copenhagen Photo Festival

© Silvia Rosi, Collezione Maramotti

© Silvia Rosi, Collezione Maramotti

A Guide To June 2024 Photography Festivals & Exhibitions by PhMuseum

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