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18 January 2021

A Dark Universe Hidden within Sweden's Natural Environment

18 January 2021 - Selected by PHmuseum

Using a combination of both analogue and digital processes, Jonas Folkeson captures the unseen landscapes of his homeland and creates in the process an obscure black and white cosmos that invites the viewer to imagine a world beyond reality.

To view our world in the correct nature we need to see its opposite when the highlights turn dark and the shadows are viewed in another light. This exploration brings forth the nature of creation and destruction which is the burning essence of all form.

In documenting the small situations in my surroundings, the lens is used as a medium to invoke the realm outside the mundane. Often solarised photography is used as a gateway to something beyond the world of sanity and concrete form. In the nature around Hälsingland in Sweden, from old burial grounds to abandoned villages, my work highlights places that old history has circulated around. The essence of Solaris is to take the viewer on a journey to what lies beyond.

Words and Pictures by Jonas Folkeson.


Jonas Folkeson is living in Hälsingland, Sweden. Photography is his way of examining the human mind. Haunting photographies, often with himself in the frame, is the core of all his work. He studied photojournalism at Nordens Fotoskola and was one of the winners of Lensculture emerging talent 2016. Find him on PHmuseum and Instagram.


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