22 March 2021

A Colourful Study on Decoration

22 March 2021 - Written by PhMuseum

Charlotte Krieger plays with picturesque costumes and bright painting as a means to create scenes situated on the boundary between reality and fantasy that together examine notions of beauty, seduction, and sacredness.

This work is a research project about ornamentation. It evolves around notions such as beauty, seduction, and the sacred. Through travelling, it gathers portraits, nature and places, tradition and modernity in order to create a link between these notions, and develop a colourful, sensual universe.

These photographs are a way of questioning our relationship to ornament, celebration and spirituality, whether in moments of festivities or intimacy. As if to say that the quest for beauty has remained intact, nostalgic for a dimension formerly religious or warlike.

It is a question here of finding clues in the everyday life. A haircut, a mask, a camel are collected in the same corpus, poetical and coloured, which is situated between fantasy and reality. «...the ornament is also peculiar to Man, his way to participate in the creation of the world and to testify, by the spending, of his gratitude...» Jacques Soulillou, Le livre de l’ornement et de la guerre, Marseille, Editions Parenthèses, 2003

Words and Pictures by Charlotte Krieger.


Charlotte Krieger is a photographer born in 1991. In 2013 she obtained her Bachelor's degree in photography at ECAL. Whether through photography or video, Charlotte collaborates with different magazines and artists, investing the fields of fashion, music, art or documentary. She also develops her personal projects, in particular in the form of books. Her work revolves around notions such as ornamentation, beauty, seduction. She uses various process like printing, scanning and collages, allowing her to experiment with colours and forms. Find her on PHmuseum and Instagram.


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