02 June 2020

8 Reasons to Apply to the PHmuseum 2020 Mobile Photography Prize

02 June 2020 - Written by PHmuseum

© Lénaïc G. Mercier, 2019 PHmuseum Mobile Photography Prize Awardee

As we enter the last days of our second open call for mobile photography, here's a list of reasons for which we are inviting you to present your photographs and become an active part of our initiative:

I. IT ALL STARTS NOW / Be proactive and generate new opportunities to yourself. Our open call will give life to a series of related initiatives that will last until March 2021. In July 2020 we will announce the Mobile Photos of the Year; in August, 5 international magazines will feature a selection of works on their website and social media channels; in September we will announce the photographs that will give life to our second limited edition photobook on mobile photography; in November we will contact the photographers that will be exhibited in our brand new space in Bologna, Italy; then in January 2021 we will open the exhibition during ArteFiera (a leading European art fair), and in the following weeks we will also present a parallel online exhibition at, launch the book, and run a workshop. We are just at the beginning of this amazing journey and you are welcome to join us. Just apply before 11 June, it all starts now from you.

II. BECOME PART OF A HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION / This edition does not only represent the second step in our five-year research on mobile photography. It also and most importantly is a collective project aimed at exploring a crisis that will be remembered as one of the defining moments of the 21st century. Under PHmuseum's coordination and curatorship, you can become an active part of the initiative and give your contribution in narrating the feelings, moments and emotions that are characterising these unprecedented months. It will be an exciting and relevant experience, with our collective effort to be guarded in a photobook aimed at documenting this historical moment to our generation and the generations to come.

III. EXHIBIT IN ITALY DURING ARTEFIERA / Taking part in an exhibition is often a meaningful experience for several reasons. It is a great occasion to spot a light on your work, talk about it in first person and improve your CV. You can meet with colleagues and expand your network while having fun and discover a new city. Our show at PHmuseum Lab in Bologna, Italy, will grant you all these opportunities as well as the chance to attend a talk on mobile photography and the presentation of the book. On top of this, the show will be inaugurated during the opening week of ArteFiera, one of the most important art fairs in Italy - another good reason to come and enjoy contemporary art. Here you can see a bit of what we enjoyed at the show opening last year.

© Jesús Rubio, 2019 PHmuseum Mobile Photography Prize Awardee

IV. AROUND 350 CHANCES TO BENEFIT FROM IT / Up to 60 photographs will be selected as finalist for the Mobile Photos of the Year $5,000 cash prizes while another 200 participants will be selected by PHmuseum's Giuseppe Oliverio and Rocco Venezia to be published in our second photobook on mobile photography - here you can see the first one. A further 50 photographs will be handpicked for the publications on BuzzFeed, C41 Magazine, FT How To Spend It, GUP Magazine, and Yogurt Magazine. Up to 30 photographers will be invited to exhibit in our collective exhibition at PHmuseum Lab in Bologna, Italy during ArteFiera - a leading art fair in Europe. If you took even one mobile picture that you consider strong and proper for this year's theme, this is the right time to apply. The important thing is taking part, they say. Yet having a good chance to benefit from the open call ain't bad either.

V. EXPOSURE TO OUR JURY AND COMMUNITY / While we are currently featuring several submissions in our Instagram Account and taking note of new photographers to present on PHmuseum over the year, our international jury will soon start its reviewing process. Judge Francesca Marani is always researching for new talents and approaches as part of her work for Vogue Italia. Same goes for judge Kate Bubacz who works with hundreds of photographers per year thanks to her position as BuzzFeed Senior Photo Editor. Judge and photographer Sarker Protick is also the co-curator at Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography and can be interested in engaging you with their future activities. Judge Piero Percoco, whose work mostly shot on mobile devices has been highly recognised lately, is an experienced photographer who can spot talent and possibly recommend you to colleagues. Our open call is a powerful vehicle to show your work to our audience and to industry professionals and to generate yourself new opportunities beyond the prizes on offer.

VI. ENTER OUR PARTNERS NETWORK / Yogurt Magazine is a visual arts magazine and curatorial platform focused on contemporary photography. BuzzFeed News is a global news organization providing original online reporting and video programming across Netflix, Facebook Watch, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. GUP Magazine is an international authoritative publication on photography, connecting its communities with the sharpest conceptual photography. How To Spend It has been part of the Financial Times newspaper for more than 40 years and is now widely regarded as the benchmark for luxury lifestyle magazines. C41 Magazine is a Milan-based magazine of contemporary visual art from all over the world. By applying, you will not only be considered for their prizes but you will also and most importantly showcase your work to their respective teams and get on their radars.

VII. SUPPORT PHMUSEUM / Even in lockdown times our team worked hard to keep our community informed with free reviews, guides, articles, and online exhibitions. We further kept organising our open calls and offered support to colleagues with initiatives like the online photobook festival, and discounted remote portfolio reviews and consultancy. All these initiatives require a significant effort and applying to this open call can be a good occasion to show your support and approval for the work that we are carrying ahead as an independent team of professionals and photography lovers.

VIII. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT / What are you doing with your mobile photos apart from storing them in the clouds or uploading them on social media? This call is a nice way to do something more meaningful with them and become part of a collective initiative. This call is meant to be inclusive and count on the images of photographers and non-photographers to analyse the mobile photography phenomenon and renew the conversation around a very important question: how the fact that each one of us always carries a camera in their pockets is influencing the visual language and the way we interact as a society?


The second edition of the PHmuseum Mobile Photography Prizeis currently open for submissions offering $5,000 in cash prizes, features in a 200-image photobook, space in an exhibition to be held in January 2021 at PHmuseum Lab in Bologna, Italy and much more. Learn more and present your photographer at before 11 June.

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