26 November 2020

7 Reasons to Support Latinamericana, PHmuseum1st Print

26 November 2020 - Written by PhMuseum

Still wondering why it’s worth to purchase a print? Let’s see how adding photography to your art collection and support remarkable emerging authors could be a good and meaningful choice.

© Marcelo Brodsky

Support photographers, start your own collection, make a lasting gift to a friend, or simply decorate your home. There are plenty of reasons to purchase a fine art print from Latinamericana, our latest initiative aimed at support photographers from the region and offering a 10-hour remote mentorship to a Latin American photographer under 35 each 100 prints sold. Get to know why purchasing yours before 1st December at

I SUPPORT PHOTOGRAPHY / Now more than ever, photographers need our support. They are suffering the instability of freelancing more than other professionals, and it's harder than ever to find the resources for non-commercial projects. While the cultural and artistic recognition for photography is increasing, the legal and economical sides are growing slower. Purchasing a print means to actively back authors and allow them to keep investigating, to question our roots and horizon and bring to light different aspects of our reality. It further means to back PHmuseum that will not only use the proceeds to keep developing its free activities, but also and most importantly award mentorships to emerging photographers from the region. Purchasing or gifting a fine art print grants you an exclusive product and a way to help contemporary photography to stay free and healthy.

II A WORTHY INVESTMENT / Photography became a collectable art form only in the late 70s and early 80s. Many things have changed over the past 40 years and photographs are increasingly taking space in the art market, recognised for their contribution to art history’s narrative. As the market is growing, the value of limited-edition prints can only increase over time, along with the reputation or growth of an artist, making them worthy of investment.

III UNICITY / The PHmuseum Print Edition will be limited by time and numbered up to a maximum of 30 copies with the actual numeration defined at the end of the sale. This means that it won't be possible to buy these prints after 1 December. By purchasing a print now you can therefore own a unique fragment of the photographer's production, proved by a certificate of authenticity, including a digital signature of the photographer, a progressive numeration and the PHmuseum logo.

© Fernando Montiel Klint

IV. QUALITY / The photographs will be printed on Hahnemuhle Rag 308g, a professional standard paper that enhances the quality of the photograph and guarantee its durability over time. The whole process will be managed by a trusted laboratory in Italy, specialised in fine art printing, who will manually produce, review and deliver each print. If framed with a conservative glass and preserved properly, your fine art print will represent a beautiful and lasting object to own or gift.

V. CONVENIENCE / Photography is one of the most accessible types of work to add to an art collection, both because of its price and the sense of proximity given by the medium. Many factors influence the price of a photograph, from the edition type to the dimensions of the artwork itself, the photographer’s experience or the materials involved in the production. Considering all these factors and the quality, you can bring home a print that is worth much more of its selling price, signed by authors who generally sell for 4 digits or more.

VI. VARIETY / Latin American photography is often unaccessible and not easy to find outside of the continent. Supporting our print sale will grant you the opportunity to penetrate this world and enrich your collection with unique pieces of artists who are not afraid of experimenting, embracing the shades of the diverse cultural background of the continent. You also have a certain variety within the print sale itself, which is featuring photographers who have very different approaches and perceptions of what the photographic medium is able to achieve.

VII A DIFFERENT WAY TO APPROACH PHOTOGRAPHY / Photography is now running through our screens every day, and it runs so fast that we nearly forget about one of his main features: immortality or, the death of time. The slow time that photography fruition allows is not granted anymore. Nowadays it’s easy to forget that photography can live outside screens. Photographs as physical objects might overcome this gap and offer a different approach to the artworks. Photographs are a way of inhabiting the artistic experience, but this applies not only to the author. Due to its faithful to reality, photographic images open an emphatic channel to the viewers that could live the scene. The PHmuseum Editions let you discover many of the most exciting authors working with photography and yet encourages a different approach to photography as a symbolic and tangible object.


The PHmuseum Editions is a new initiative conceived to let you discover, collect and invest in many of the best contemporary photographers’ iconic images at an affordable price. To see all the prints for sale and learn about the photographer please visit There is time until December 1 only.

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