04 June 2019

7 Reasons to Apply to our Mobile Photography Prize

04 June 2019 - Written by PhMuseum

Contributing to our research project, taking advantage of an unprecedented number of opportunities, and challenging yourself to do more with your mobile photography are among the many reasons to join, and enjoy, our latest open call.

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As we enter the last week of our first open call for mobile photography, we recap the main reasons why you should enter your best mobile shot(s).

I. Contribute to our research / This call represents the first step in a five-year research project. While we embrace such an ambitious adventure - which will give life to a publication dedicated to mobile photography and an exhibition in Bologna, Italy, in January 2020 - we hope to see your enthusiasm and participation. Mobile photography is on everybody's lips, yet it's the first time that an organisation will analyse this phenomenon to such an extent. We truly hope you can join us and actively contribute to this "historical" initiative.

II. Challenge yourself / Mobile photography is an opportunity to improve your visual narrative as it presents its own characteristics. Smartphones, for example, have technological limitations and fewer options than professional cameras, yet they are always with you, agile and less perceptible. How does this impact the way you photograph? What if you challenge yourself to use them for something more than a mere personal visual diary? This prize is a good excuse to reflect on the way you use your camera phone and consider its opportunities and influence on your photography. There are several photographers these days, such as Laura El Tantawy and Michael Christopher Brown, who have already realised great projects solely with smartphones.

III. Enjoy an unprecedented number of opportunities / Up to 40 photographers will be awarded across five categories; around 200 participants will be selected for the book; and many others for the collective exhibition in Italy at Spazio Labo’ during ArteFiera. There are also features on GUP Magazine and The Smart View to be won. Beyond the £8,000 in cash prizes, it's the first time we've offered so many platforms to showcase and recognise applicants' work. If you have good mobile pictures, this is the right time to apply. The important thing is taking part, they say, yet winning ain't bad either.

IV. Exhibit in Italy during ArteFiera / An exhibition is not only something good for your CV, it's a great occasion to meet colleagues and talk about your work to people directly. Our show at Spazio Labo' in Bologna, Italy, will grant you these opportunities as well as the chance to attend a talk on mobile photography and the presentation of the book. On top of this, the show will be inaugurated during the opening week of ArteFiera, one of the most important art fairs in Italy - another good reason to come, promote your photography, meet people and have fun.

© Anna Di Prospero

V. Exposure to our jury and community / While we are currently featuring submissions in our Instagram Stories and taking note of new photographers to feature on PHmuseum over the year, our international jury will soon start its reviewing process. From judge Erik Kessels, who opened up a discussion on the phenomenon several years ago - have you heard of his 24 Hrs in Photos installation? - to Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Vogue Italia) and Caroline Hunter (The Guardian) who constantly explore new forms of storytelling through their magazines, this call offers you the opportunity to get noticed and have your worked judged by internationally recognised professionals with the right eye for it.

VI. Enter our partners' network / GUP Magazine is an international authoritative publication on photography, connecting its communities with the sharpest conceptual photography. The Smart View is an independent magazine showcasing the works of international mobile photographers and artists along with interviews and texts of academics. Spazio Labo’ is an exhibition space and school of photography, with a wide and varied educational program including the renowned workshops in New York. By applying, you will also showcase your work to their respective teams and get on their radars.

VII. Have fun / What are you doing with your mobile photos apart from storing them in the clouds or uploading them on social media? This call is a sweet way to do something more with them, and compete even if you're not a professional photographer. The contribution of non-photographers will, in fact, be fundamental to analyse the phenomenon and renew the conversation around a very important question: how technology is influencing the visual language and what does it mean to be a photographer today?


The first edition of the PHmuseum Mobile Photography Prize is currently open for submissions offering £8,000 in cash prizes, features in a 200-image photobook, space in an exhibition to be held in January 2020 at Spazio Labo’ in Bologna, Italy and much more. Apply now at

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