Nwando Ebeledike

2019 - Ongoing

Anambra, Nigeria; Kano, Nigeria; Benin; Greater Accra, Ghana

In my ongoing body of work 'MY OWN IDENTITY', I aim to explore and show what people's private identities are without the weight of societal expectations that being African carries; I am exploring what freedom can look like for gender benders if their realities are permitted. Some of the men I photograph love other men, some love to dress up as women, some feel that they are women but have been born in the wrong body, some were photographed with their lovers, some only come out during festivals that allow them the safe mask to dress up without ridicule; they can only be themselves once a year. All of them have the same want in common; to be true to who they are internally

All photos were taken in African countries - Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic and Ethiopia

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